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My Plan...(I'm BAACCKKK!!)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gBong, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. hey everyone, im back to the world of weed again...turns out these last two months ive been sober due to probation...but i found a way around the system...

    i work full time right now, as required by probation....and i make enough to buy in other words i can smoke....i make enough to cover the cost, i get tested 6 times a month, so thats 300$ for detox, but ill pass...and i still can buy a quarter everyweek too...

    Mary, im back, hi again to all Gc members i missed y'all

    It feels good....
  2. dude, if your spending more $ a month on detox than the weed, then u should find SOME other way, because thats a lot of $ spent on weed related things in a month. but i dunno, im high, welcome back and good luck
  3. Welcome back to the city and to getting stoned..

    Stay away from probation and enjoy a good smoke..
  4. my good smoking buddys good friend just started smoking again too. luck to you and him
  5. THC 101: no u dont get it, i love weed, like with a passion, spending this money on detox isnt permanent, its until next early february if im lucky, i will pay that much for weed, cuz i can, besides, im gonna buy in bulk and make up wut i buy too

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