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My pipe will not unclog- help!

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by imcharliemurphy, May 28, 2009.

  1. I have a jade pipe I brought back from China. It's nothing fancy, just a bowl and everything else normal. Only thing unique about it is the fact that it's jade. I've had several several bowls out of it, but now it's clogged. I tried running a coat hanger through it, keeping it in epsom salt and 90% rubbing alcohol at night, and just shaking it around and I can't get it to unclog. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    I hope it's not, but does anyone think it's possible some part of the pipe could've melted and closed the airhole? I don't really know if jade can melt or anything.
    please help :(
  2. post a pic and maybe someone could help. I have no experience with jade pipes, but if u cant unclog it with a paper clip ur in trouble
  3. yea pictures will help please
  4. Make sure the main air hole is uninterrupted.

    It's also possible that another hole could have gotten made in the pipe (like getting chipped off or something), which would mess up the whole carb and airflow of the pipe.

    But yes, multiple angle pics would help us solve this problem
  5. Jade? That seems like it would be nasty to smoke out of.
  6. Its just a type of stone, like the stone pipes in GC shop, only its a better known type of stone.

    and you might need to get a standard craft pipe cleaner.
  7. Couldn't you just use the rubbing alchohol method?
  8. grunge off?
  9. Its weird your hacing such trouble uncloggin your pipe. Seein as a pipe only has a bowl and then a hole leading to the mouthpiece (and carb) just run a pipecleaner through the hole which you hit it through.
  10. soak it in rubbing alcohol for a day or two and then if the resin is still there, go buy urself a bottle of grunge off and soak in that for a couple days
  11. if it means that much to you buy some grunge off, but like one of the other posters said if its a bowl it shouldn't be to hard to unclog with a pipe cleaner or hanger. try heating the bowl up to soften the resin. pics would be nice too.
  12. pics dont work. do urself a favor and go buy a cheap glass pipe for like 20$
  13. Pics aren't working.
  14. there is no way a part of the pipe melted and clogged the hole. you'd never be able to melt rock (jade) with even a propane/butane torch lighter. hell i don't think you could even get close to the melting point with MAP gas or even a plasma torch for that matter.
    rubbing alcohol works ok, but the best way to clean/unclog a pipe is to soak it in "denatured alcohol" which can be bought at any auto parts or paint store. home depot, lowes and wallmart all stock it too. it's 100% alcohol whereas even 70% rubbing alcohol has alot of water in it. use this:
  15. oops i mean this:
  16. ImageShack© - Gallery

    there that link should work. The pipe has a lot of sentimental value to me, so I really want to fix it rather than just get a new one.
  17. Soak it in rubbing alcohol a while, and while it's still wet, take a pipe cleaner to the resin. I'm sure it's quite possible. The reason a coat hanger won't do it is because it's not flexible enough, and it looks like there's a kink in the bore.
  18. I would run boiling water through it, then 99% iso with salt in a bag and shake. I've never seen this method fail, but adding pipecleaners to the mix should definatly unclog it.
  19. try boiling it maybe

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