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My Pipe. Is This Unhealthy?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CG420, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I posted a while back and everyone said they thought it was fine.. But I just 'washed' it tonight and this this what it looks like:
    Is this unsafe? I've been using the same pipe for years now, I just don't want to inhale anything harmful. It's not easy for me to get new pipes in my current situation, so I'm hoping this is normal?

  2. Well I mean.. it could use a nice clean..  :eek:
  3. its perfectly fine, but its really disgusting so i would clean it VERY VERY good and you will see how much black shit is in there
  4. yea, it's cool.  In terms of healthfulness, I'd ask on the med thread.
  5. Boil it with salt, then soak it in rubbing alcohol for a few hours and rinse it good then dry it.
  6. Okay cool, thanks.. Yeah I'm soaking it tonight, plain on boiling it tomorrow.. I'll throw in some salt. 
    Thanks!  :smoke:
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    Yuck. Soak that in a bag of rubbing alcohol and salt, it will look almost new.

    Nasty pipes ruin the great flavor of weed.

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  8. Here is what I do, I have a hand bubbler so its a bitch to clean, yours should be much much easier. Get a ziploc, or Tupperware container, 91% or higher rubbing alcohol, (i use 91% because its what i have in the nearby dollar store) shits cheap $1.50 for a bottle. Put the pipe, soak it completely. I soak mine for about 4 hours, depending on the shape its in, in your case, I would let it sit all night, which is why i use a Tupperware, doesn't roll all over, and the lid keeps the alcohol smell in.
    After it sits, take it out, the alcohol probably looks like coca cola by now. Toss the alcohol (somepeople reuse it, i buy cases at a time(dollarstore is always like, da fuq?) so i just toss mine).
    Once its out you should notice a huge difference, take some big grained seasalt, (big ass container at the dollar store for like $2.00) rock salt also works. Fill the pipe about half way with iso, and a good bit of salt. Grab a towel, hold all your holes closed, and shake the fuck out it. Try and get that salt to hit every piece of that pipe. The salt works really well to scrape all the nasty off. After that rinse and repeat until its super clean, i use water to get all of the salt out. (involves  a lot of flipping upside down, im sure its easier with a spoon.)
    At this point your pipe looks brand new, but one problem, smoke it right now and you will probably want to break the pipe, thats how bad the alcohol taste is. Bring it over to your kitchen sink, a small dab of dawn and some hot water, shake that shit, rinse and repeat until the alcohol fumes are gone. Rinse 3 more times with hot water, let it cool, and smoke up man.
    It's a lot to read, but if you do all that, your pipe will look brand new.
    People for some reason don't know how to clean pipes, and I always buy em in shitty conditions from friends, clean em up nice :) Get em smoking good, then i usually smoke out my friend that sold i to me for the cheap price and they get jealous haha.
    Both my sidewinder and my Bubbler, $100 and probally $60-$100, got em all gummed up and nasty for $40 and $20.
    Happy toking.
  9. Thanks, that's exactly what I'll do... It needs a cleaning bad.
    I wasn't in the best of smoking situations so being discreet meant being dirty.. haha
  10. nooo whoever said boil it is dumb! great way to break yo pipe and ruin a pot..
    sick of seeing that suggestion on this forum its seriously the worst advice ive ever heard, use isopropyl n salt its easier, faster, and not a total waste of time
  11. I didn't clean my pipe for like a year and a half, man that was naaaasty xD
    Probably no unhealthy, but just would affect the taste of the smoke, salt and like 91% alcohol like other said and i got it too look like new after repeating it like 6 times xp
  12. Small update:

    I had about four or so hours today so I did the rubbing alcohol deal. Worked amazingly, I couldn't believe the junk that came out of it.
    It could use more but I was short on time.
    Thanks again for the help. It still needs more TLC but loads better than it was.
  13. Boiling it isn't going to break the pipe, it might if you put it in freezing water right after but the hot water isn't going to break it on it's own.
    I have heard directly from glassblowers that prolonged exposure to high temperatures cause micro stress fractures in glass over time. This is why people use adapters for their electronic nails; because all that heat is very bad for the glass! 
    So no; it won't necessarily break your piece; but it definitely will weaken it over time; and if you care about the health of your glass at all you wouldn't even risk it.
  15. Rubbing alcohol + salt.  Way better than just the rubbing alcohol
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    That's what I did. But I only had like 71% proof rubbing alcohol. Like above the higher the proof the better.
    I also want to say that I was starting to get bad headaches and felt like my hits were shitty and now I'm not getting headaches and I just packed my bowl full (like I had been) and I'm high as fuck off of a few hits... It wasn't that good before.
    Thank guys for the help... Going to go finish this bowl.  :smoke:
  17. Mind if I copy and paste your method into a text document on my laptop to keep? Seems awesome man, definately using it to clean my pipe up :metal:
  18. Thanks man. Yeah no problem haha.
  19. Nice one :hello:

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