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Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, May 29, 2006.

  1. ***NEW VIDEO!!***

    These pics were posted in another thread (My saturday night) but it wasnt a piece thread, so here's my Official Piece Thread, i will be adding more.
    Time to get tokin'

    Here's my chute:
    Spermy's tummy:
    And a better look At Gandalf:
    And a pic of me rippppin em':
    And now, a video..its not the greatest, and its flash, so you might need Flash player 7, it should come up to install it..Lemme know what ya think.
    PS; Might be a bit sketchy.
    Breads motha Fuckin Video!
  2. Bump? My pieces suck that much? :(
  3. Nice chest freezer, i have one like that in my basement.

  4. So his peices do suck?


    Nice shit man, very original, that one crazy sherlock with the bowl at a wierd angle, lovin it. And I like the little buttplug too. :D
  5. I don't think they suck, especially the squiggly one!;)
  6. Hahaha i'm just playing

    I really like the second last one, cool shape to it.

  7. Its cool rasta, you dont need to hide anything, we all know you were more seduced by a freezer than his pipes... ;)
  8. i like your pieces br3ad. that squiggly lookin one is my favorite
  9. Hi there it's me again, I thought you might know my hunny bear Brian. He's from Hamilton as well, there's a pic of him in my gallery enjoying my slug. He was clean cut when he was in Hamilton. You never know eh?
  10. Great bowls, especially the squiggly one.
    Edit: It looks like a sperm cell. Just thought I'd toss that out there.

    But does that hookah have an aluminum-foil bowl?!

    Aluminum foil + Weed=

  11. lmao thats funny shit.

    and i just realized who is in your avatar, i saw that movie yesterday. Hunter Thompson is a fucking pimp (R.I.P)

    I like the one that looks like a snake, thats fucking tight.
  12. Pretty tight :]
  13. Haha, well its weird, there's a big screen on top of the bowl, then i just put tin-foil around it and poked holes, i was smokin outta tin-foil since the day i started tokin, its bad for you (so i hear?), but i't doesnt bother me, its not like im wrapping it up into a ball and chewing on it, im not literally smoking the tin-foil, im merely smoking the chronic that sits on top of it.
  14. Haha yes, aluminum is fine, but it's what the aluminum foil is coated with that would concern me

  15. Wow man..i must be stoned, but this
    Was gibberish to me haha, honestly what does that mean? lol..stoner terms please.
  16. Haha i failed highschool chem.

    All I knows is I wouldn't wanna smoke "maleic anhydride" or "Polypropylene extrusion"
  17. New Video Is Added!
  18. Why is everyone wiggin out because of the aluminum foil? You always put foil on a hookah bowl with holes in it to provide a support for the coal. Its not the same as using a lighter on a foil bowl, where the hot flame is significantly burning the foil, a coal produces much less heat and is intended to vaporize the molasses.
    Rarely the coal will get too hot and the foil burns but its very noticable as the smoke gets disgustingly harsh and nasty and brownish marks appear around the holes in the foil. But this only happens if you have too many coals on your bowl.

    edit: sick vid bread, you looks exactly how I pictured you lol.
  19. Yah, i don't really give a fuck about foil haha..Its not doing anything smokin weed/doin E/coke hasn't done, or is doing..
  20. tru nuf. i alwayse ude foil in my bowl and im still standing. or at least i can usualy get back up. cool pieces.

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