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My pickups. A thread dedicated to all my buds.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by giroldo, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I decided to stop posing individual threads for all my pickups and buds, and rather, keep them all in one thread.

    Here are some older pickups to start. They have already been posted but, oh well, ill just show them in here, one last time.

    also, please keep the criticism out of here. Id like this thread to be kept positive, and the bad vibes can be taken elsewhere.

  2. Looks good dude, I wish I got enough dank shit to start my own thread.
  3. pppst. Trust me dude. I thought the same thing when i joined this site. Sure enough, i found a good hookup. I get big bags at a time and i 'hook people up' so i can smoke for free most of the time. I will just get diffrent stuff every week or so. my guy always has bomb bud.
  4. #4 PennLaxPlayer, Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2009

    It's all about who you know man. I have mostly mid connects and I was looking for a little special for myself. Called around.... nothing..... walked down to the convience store for a pack and met an old friend from highschool.

    Needless to say the dank is now within reach.

    Edit: Pretty good buds OP. Lets see the best you're town has to offer.
  5. I have yet to find a dank dealer. The only time I get "dro" (i know its incorrect, but thats what i call it) is when one of my regular middie dealers picked up some, and then sell it all real quick. So there is only random times when I get good, good weed.

    OP, if you dont mind me asking, what kind of job do you have? If you dont want to answer that for everyone to see, please PM me, i would like to talk more in depth about this.

    And nice fucking bud.

  6. pm sent.
  7. Looking tasty.
  8. alright guys.

    new pickup. Some crazy diesel.
    I got an eighth to test ot this stuff. its smell is amazing and its super stinky.

    Sorry for my crappy macros, but you get the picture.

  9. Nice bud man, I need to find a dank dealer. Everyone sells mids around here :/
  10. when i was in new jersey everything was really expensive.
  11. We brought all of our bud up with us though.
  12. that white widow/skunk 1 cross looks DANK. i would absolutely pay 100$ for a quad of that
  13. yeah, i got another half of it.
  14. yes you would cuz its fuckin legit lol

    nice buds bro
  15. where ya from OP?, those are some nice nugs. I just picked up some dank but it cost me an arm and a leg, but i guess its worth it after the blunt is rolled and I am relaxin.
  16. boston area.
  17. same.
    it's depressing as hell, i'll tell you.
    my area is great for weed
    but i don't have friends here.
    my friends aren't in my area
    and they sell decent shit,
    but nothing dankitty-dank.
    i need to make some connections in my area.
  18. you will be so happy once you find one.
  19. nice, im in worcester, pulled a muscle shoveling this heavy ass snow
  20. I went to school in Boston for two years ;)

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