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Discussion in 'General' started by Cakey, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. haha, well...I was going over to the local head shop with a friend and I had about 90$ in my we come close to the headshop when I see a pure reptile pet store...I was amazed..I've never seen one that has only reptiles ( they in-house breed too ) so I had to stop in..and well I did...and my friend got pissed of waiting in the car so he got out came inside..and he saw my getting my * pick-up * haha so yea..I spent my 90$ not on a bong...but on this beauty <3 it


    o well, tyhanks for reading..haha I'll save up some money and get a bong this time and post pics..haha it's a bearded Dragon too if the picture isn't clear.

    Q: anyone else have one and any advice..I've done alot of research so I know alot kinda :D
  2. My friend has a bearded dragon and he used to keep it in the same cage with a tortoise

    the lizard just layed on the turtles back all was pretty funny to watch

    now the turtle is so huge he just leaves him in the backyard to fight with the dog
  3. pretty cool i guess, but reptiles scare me :rolleyes:
  4. Yea...but the dragon is so chill that it doesn't matter...he'll lay on my hand for a hr or two and not care...I love him :hello::D
  5. where?
    in FT Lauderdale?
  6. did you get the right set up? you got the tank and the light and all that and the lizard for 90? thats a pretty good deal, i always wanted a lizard but im to lazy to take care of 1 and i like to keep my a/c blasting so it wouldnt really work out.
  7. I've got a bearded dragon, it was my sisters but she quit caring about it so i take care of it now. She's almost 2 feet long now(The lizard). How long is your lizard?

    EDIT: that came out really wrong, i meant the bearded dragon as in reptile, cold-blooded, and scaly.
  8. haha, well....

    KOZMO: I got it in Pembroke Pines...theres a place called East coast's not near a headshop..but I googled map'ed it and saw that so yea :p

    sirsm0kesal0t: He's a baby...It's actually a brand new hatchling...he just got to the age to be able to be sold 1 night before I got him...I heard that's the best time so you can hand-raise them and teach them that it's ok to just chill on somones shoulder for a few yea..he's small :D

    weedsmokerrrr: I had a 55g tank from an old corn snake I I didn't get the tank...for 90$ I got the dragon + light ( and light fixture ) + food/water dish + pretty neat branch for him to chill on. If your interested in ever getting one get the tank from Walmart..they have like 50g tanks for wayyy cheaper than other places :D
  9. ive had iguanas and bearded dragoons and never had luck with them...they all died on me in less than a couple of years and i love animals and took very good care of them. very nice pik up good luck.
  10. Thanks, I'm hoping to have him for awhile..he's so chill and cool, like me :D

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