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  1. Some samples of my work, a good chunk of these are new from my Costa Rica expedition.

    I'll post up some more later, enjoy!

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  2. HIGH All, nice pics JoshRyche...I'm a sucker for sunrise/set pics...what's with the water marks? It sort of throws the scene away....still nice.

  3. Thanks Unoit!

    I have everything watermarked for copyright protection, originals take too long to upload the watermarked pics are practical ways to display my work as well as protect them from potential copyright infringement.

    I need to sit down and watermark shots with my watermark instead of just using my deviantart watermark but I don't sit still long enough to sit down and watermark batchs of photos!

    The silhouetted person in this pic is Heinous anus

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  4. Nice Pics Josh!

    What camera and lenses are you using?

  5. Thanks!

    I shoot a Olympus E520 and Panasonic L1, 14-50MM Leica, 50MM Zuiko Macro, 70-300mm zuiko, 25mm macro ext tube for 1:1 with my 1:2 50mm macro lens and 1:2 with my 70-300mm. 40-150MM Zuiko and an FL50 flash
  6. Heres a lovely sunset for you to check out then :D

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  7. best pics ive seen on GC

    i shoot with a Canon 40D myself.
  8. Thanks man!

    I've seen alot of nice work done on a 40D but never shot anything outside point and shoot as far as Canon goes. I want to try out Nikon and Canon in the future, I love the 4/3rds system as of right now though I love my Leica :love:

    This is the only shot I can find I've shot with a Canon powershot 450 I think

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  9. Hello friend Love your pictures man ,you have a real eye for it,I would Appreciate a Decent Sight that you might know for me to Sell my pictures as i am out of work ;) .
  10. thats a great shot man. lately ive been experimenting with studio work but im probably going to find some time to shoot nature this weekend. Ill post pics if i get anything thats worth showing haha

  11. Thanks, you can sell your photography on Etsy
    Happysack on Etsy - HappySack Photography


    or you can use Deviantart, I don't have a flickr yet so I don't remember if you can sell on there or not but try that too.

    Nice! Would love to see it!
  12. Couple Animal shots

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  13. shame - the watermarks completely ruin every shot for me

    are you a professional photographer and worried about losing revenue or you watermarking these photos for another reason?
  14. Dude those photos are amazing. But yeah what's up with the watermarks man?
  15. Love them man:hello:Hale to you for given Inspiration to Appreciate and if they Cant see the Pictures for Water mark Then they Aint the ones that you Inspire ,But the Majority See the Beauty my Rep and All the Best

    ps keep up great work:D.
  16. Really? Sorry to hear that, I have them all watermarked because I'm working on busting into professional photography and (Possibly over paranoid) would hate to have my work get misused like any work of art I would produce I always sign it.

    I realize that the watermarks from deviant are a little ridiculous, I have all my shots watermarked with my own watermark but for some reason they wont upload to GC, Too big I thinks. The deviant ones I just saved and uploaded quick and easy the sizes where small enough to post here.

    I'll shrink and rewatermark later tonight or today when I get time since I've been needing too anyway.

    Thanks, sorry that the watermarks bug you guys so much, I shall work on fixing this problem

    Thanks man! I agree you should be able to see the beauty regardless of the watermarks :) Regardless though the watermarks are huge and horrid, I've realized this before just haven't had the time to sit down and shrink/rewatermark a seperate batch for posting.

    Thanks for the kind words :) I'll post up more later on, with better watermarks! :D:smoke:

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