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my philosophie on smoking pot.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by oldmantestes, May 5, 2004.

  1. okay, this is the way i have decided to smoke weed.

    When i decided to start smoking i didnt want to become a 'pothead' and have all think about be weed. I wanted to do relatively good in school. SO i decided to only smoke on the weekends. This way, i can keep up in school and if my parents catch me, i can say that it hasnt done anything bad to me as long as i keep my grades up. And the best part is, is that since i dont smoke every single day, my tolerance remains VERY low, a SMALL bowl out of my bong gets me FUCKED and im passed out on my computer chair within an hour. Also, each time i smoke its a special experience, Throughout the week, i sometimes ponder what i'll do, watch winamp visualtizations, eat a SHITload of food, watch a movie, whatever i want. im not critising real 'potheads' at all, weed is a GREAT thing, and its cool to toke everyday. Im just posting this because this philsophy on smoking works GREAT for me. I would advise some newb smokers to try it out and tell me if ya like it.

    -- Nick
  2. how long have you been smoking?

    That was my EXACT philosophy about 2 years ago...

    Then i decided, hey why not get high everyday... and still do good in school.

    So i do that, its funner :)
  3. How long have you been smoking? You're tolerance will come, its not something you can maintain. After your first two weeks of smokin often you'll get a slight tolerance. When you're new it'll always get you higher. That was my philosophy when i was 14..
  4. my grades right now are the highest they've ever been, but at the same time i've been smoking pot more than i have ever before. sometimes you just need that stress releif to motivate you to work harder! i was really stressed out so i needed to do it every day, but sometimes just on the weekends is enough. im kind of rambling on, but i guess im just trying to say is that everyone has something that works well for them, just find your groove! :smoke:
  5. i did have that philosophy were only on the weekends, but I get much free weed, like a bowl almost every day, so I can't say NO, i mean, fuck, its weed.
  6. ive come up with some wicked essays high
  7. i smoke everyday...go to my classes high...write papers high.. i just dont take test high...and i still makes good grades.

    But, when i first started smoking, i had the same idea as you.

    I play hockey high...thats crazy fun.
  8. oldmantestes, that is my exact philosophy.

    i've been doing that for a few months now. occasionally i will smoke during the week when i am really stressed out (like last night.)
  9. mmm...well I smoked sort of on the weekends--but now adays I smoke whenever I'm with my stoner friends.
    If I hangout with my stoner friend--even on thursday there is about a 90% chance that I will be smoking--and a lot of pot of that matter to. (usually a blunt or more)

    but ya--I have a lot of will power. I personally like to save my pot for the weekends so I can roll a fatty blunt or smoke more out of a bong.
    My reasons for saving it for everyweekend or so isn't so that I keep my tolerence down--its so that I have more to roll into a blunt or more to smoke then.

    I dunno--its just my thing. I like to smoke a lot of pot when I have accsess to it.
    Sure its nice to have like 1 bowl a day out of a spoon. But I would prefer to roll a fatty blunt over smoking a bowl out of a spoon. So thus I save my pot for the weekends even though I have enough to smoke a bowl or 2 every day for the week.


  10. Ever play as a goalie and have someone shoot the puck past you because you're sleeping in the net? maybe thats just me
  11. Hmmm. not a bad philosophy, only you'll definately have a hard time maintaining that. I forgot the rest of what I was gonna say, but hey! Smoke Pot!
  12. After I had been introduced to Mary Jane and bought my own, I was like, "If my work is done and all I'm going to be doing is sitting around, what's the harm?" So I started using pot as motivation to get my school work done. I was done earler, had more free time, and got better grades than before. However, according to my parents, it's still as bad as heroin.

  13. Thats what i did/do. In my simple mind the equation goes (doing homework=smoking pot once its done)

    It's got me far.
  14. Communism was a good philosophy. :p

    If i have weed i smoke it. I dont try to conserve but i dont try to smoke it all as fast as i can either. I smoke what i want to. If i run out, i buy more. My job pays me well enough and i dont have a lot of expenses....
  15. That is my philosophy...special occasions
  16. my philosiphy,BLAZE 24/7!!!!

  17. Same here i had decided i was smokin too much and i should take a break and juts do it on weekends and then about 2 days later i was like fuck this its blunt time
  18. ya i think its good to mix it up a bit ...go from smoking all day everyday ..to just smoking weekends or smoking 1x a day ...its never fun to just smoke all day everyday (as much fun as that might sound) ...it is on special occasions and breaks

    ...ill just get a sack on friday and smoke through the weekend till its all gone

    ...hey i worked my ass off during the week (not) i deserve to just stay blazed all weekend... (plus no obligations)

    and contrary to some anti-drug shit ..a high weekend it NOT a wasted weekend ...er wait ..it is ..but ..oh well...

    stay high! :smoke:
  19. i smoke everyday and have a 4.0 gpa, my philosophy is just smoke whenever you want
  20. Work first.
    Smoke after.

    Rewarding, and productive. Hmm...

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