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  1. well... its not much but this is my personal grow. The strain of this clone is just bagseed. But i have a few questions. when the plant was pretty young (approx. 1 1/2 week) i found it growing in my yard. So as an expirment i cut it at the base and seen if i could re root it so i could keep it alive. So i wait a few weeks, and i get roots. A few weeks later this is what I have now.. in the pictures. The funny thing is during the whole rooting process I had them in my south faceing window. Anyway, after they had finished rooting i was looking inbetween the nodes after some new growth had formed and I noticed that my plant is indeed a female.
    Judgeing by the pictures do you think it would be good to start flowering it now, im only expecting something like a 1 foot plant. Right now I only have it vegging under 2 compac flouros cool spectrum. What kind of flouros would be best for flowering, and about how much light would i need for a nice harvest.

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  4. you should let it veg for another two or three weeks, and you should tranplant it inot a bigger pot soon so it can recover in time for flowering. Shart training it to grow across the box indead of up, then hook up a screen and scrog it. For lighting buy a 150 watt hps from this source I found,

    Also you should cut a hole in the back of that frezer and hook up a small computer fan to vent the box.

    Also you should take a clone of that plant and sex it in a cardboard box just so see if its a female or male.
  5. also it seems like you over water the plant only water every week even if the top of the soil is dry teh bottom is still moist, adn whne you cycle the plant from dry to wet it grws alot bigger because the roots grow when ther is a shortage of water then when watered they suck up alot of nutes and water then it will have a growth sprurt.
  6. hey whats goin on. The clone has been doing great with the amount of water i have been giving it. But seeing how crappy the dirt i was useing i decided to transplant it outdoor with my lovely KC33's. I should have some pictures to show you guys in the future.

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