My perfect Video Game Collection

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by ROCHESTER-420, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. where's 2 and 1? :D

    gotta make that shit complete haha.

    well 1 u won't be able to get tho, it was only pc release if i recall correctly
  2. but these r all 360 atleast :)
  3. yea that's true, as for 360 call of dutys all u missing is 2.

    did u play call of duty 2? haha i remember now I was like shittt this game is cool when the 360 first came out and i played it at wal mart.

    damn that was 2006, how time flies haha
  4. Fission Mailed.

  5. shit, you sent me in nuclear fission in the mail?

    really? lemme check-
  6. i love it thoo
  7. And every one of them essentially the same game...
  8. Call of Duty is the X-Factor/Pop Idol of video games, it panders to the lowest common denominator and milks the fuck out of it :(

    As a gamer of over 30 years CoD marks a low point in gaming..
  9. You own 6 games? How is that a collection?

  10. Yeah tell me about it, first they made like 20 different versions of a game where we kill Nazi's now the modern ones we kill Russian terrorist. I would figure in this day and age they would set up the games where we kill Islamic Arab's, but what do you expect from a game where the producers are Jews. :smoke:
  11. Why does the Xbox logo look lighter on the top two ? :p:eek:

  12. if you look on the far right, the top two are "PAL" editions.

    the rest are "BUDDY" editions

    the most rare form though are "BEST FRIEND" editions
  13. RIP - social life
  14. whaa? never notcied thsoe. lmao

    all mine say ntsc :eek:

  15. lmao naw, i'm kidding. idk, i honestly think it has something to do with black ops and mw3 coming out on the 360 slim? i'm not sure
  16. yea but this dude ain't in america. you see how it says "18" then "15" instead of rated "T" and rated "M"?
  17. LOL you fucking troll :p

    yeah i noticed that too :laughing: difference between 3 and black ops? 15 year olds can buy it :cool:
  18. Hell yeah! In Europe at 18 we is big boys ya dig ;)

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