My Pc Stealth Grow Box

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  1. Heres some pics of my new grow box...the last one was to big and was discovered by parentals...decided to give this a has a big computer fan pulling air out the back and down the silver tube behind my has a very tiny fan pushing air in on the bottom..all wiring is hooked up inside so only one cable is seen from of rite now there is one 40 wat about an inch away from the plant..there is another socket where i will put another light and plant for the next grow;)

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  2. Sweet man! I'm thinking of making a PC grow once my Outdoor Sensimilias are complete. I'm making it just for the fun, I don't need to hide from anyone. So I've been reading up on it.

    U gonna flower in the same box? Also will heat be a problem once that other light is in there?

    If you're growing for stealth does the hose coming from the back look suspicious? You ever think of putting a small carbon scrubber on your big exhaust fan?

    Heh I asked you lotsa questions.
  3. yes its already flowering actually from the i dont think heat is an issue its getting colder out around here..the hose and everything is covered with other things that go in my i dont think i need a carbon scrubber;)
  4. Hey, once I saw this I actaully started making one, im just wondering how did you get your light mounted and wired in the box??

    -Never mind, took a look at the pics a bit closer and figured it out.

    -But, I do wonder how you wired your computer fan to work without the power thing in there
  5. the light was the trickiest part..i kinda just used a small piece of metal and ducktaped it around where the lights are and then bent it threw and existing hole on the computer..u might have to just be creative...and the computer fan i just took a 12v charger and cut off the wires then connected the fan wires..
    Heres a pic of it all together--Stealthyy

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  6. Yah that is definetly stealthy, tucked in the corner like that.

    Why don't you try putting another light in now instead of next grow? probably increase yeild.
  7. Do you have a link to the site you bought that 12v charger from? ^.^ I just finished my computer stealthy box, well.. all I have is the fan left.
  8. i didnt buy it them and there not 12v charger there like 12dc output things..u can take one ffrom any kind of remote control car uve had or anything that gets plugged into the wall with that box..just look on the label and look for --Output 12v or 12dc..just look around ur junk and ull find

    and i dont want to put another light in because it dosent really even hit the plant because i have the pot raised up so much the first light is almost touching it and the other light is off to the side its kinda hard to explain
  9. Ohh yeah, thanks.. really wasnt that hard to find :). Now my box is complete!
  10. heres a WARNING do not use duct tape to hold shit up in ur box..the tape gets warm and not sticky my light fell on my little plant and pratically destroyed it:(
  11. what did your parents say when they found
    were they pissed beyond belief
  12. No...just a get rid of old enough to do wat i want im not a lil kid
  13. Nice fishy sheets on your bed....
  14. i know those are from way bak..haha
  15. What are you planning to do with the plant once its getting big for the box??
  16. its already in flowering im hoping it wont get much bigger then like 1 1/2 feet
  17. haha yea i thought about doin this a couple of weeks ago when i was in my addic looking for shit to use for my grow and hey wat do u kno i came across a old computer tower this is how it is comming out now i have one 85wat sunlight 65000k compact fluro in there now and i am in the process of wiring up the old computer fans that i took out of the case and wiring the box with power

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  18. what do u need help with smokey
  19. Hi, I'm new to growing and was thinking about micro growing in a PC case. I came across this case: ( and was wondering if it would be any good. Also any advice or information on how to set it up would be greatly appreciated.

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