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  1. Hi everybody :smoke: , this is my first micro pc grow and I've been working on the case for the past 2 weeks and finally got it finished. I'll be sharing all progress with my grow and will be asking for any help along the way so pull up your chair and enjoy! Here is what I've got: 

    Pc case: Chieftec Dragon Server Case 26.5"H x 8"W x 19"L or 673mm x 203mm x 482mm

    Fans & ventilation: 2 Sharkoon Silent Eagle with a fan controller that lets me control the speed of the fans for heat purposes

    Lights: 4 x 25W CFL 6700K (1750 lumens) held up by magnets so can easily be moved to wherever 
    Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest organic soil

    Nutrients: Advanced Nutrition Fox Farm Triple Pack

    Carbon filter: Carbon hood filter, doubled up. (110% no smell) glued together with a glue gun

    Seed: 1 x OG Kush purchased from a local shop really cheaply 
    2 days ago i germinated the seed and I've only just planted it so I started this thread as a kind of diary I guess. I also recently bought a cheap little thermometer with a long probe on the end of a wire so I can read the temperature outside of the box. Please guys any helpful and constructive criticism would be much of a help, see you soon!  :bongin: 



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  2. Great build dude! I love how you attached the fan controller to the backside of the case. I have (almost) the same case and exactly the same fan controller, so maybe I will copy your idea  :rolleyes:
    I'm not really sure about the terminal block, because it has open contacts and you are using it in a moist environment. Check my thread for a safer solution.
  3. Wow dude I'm loving yours too. I will defiantly be copying you with your waterproof electrical box if that's alright my friend  :hello: Subbed!
  4. Looks great mayne! Keep it up! Can't wait 2 see sum green in der.

    Blood, Sweat, and Nugs!

    Blood, Sweat, and Nugs!
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    Looks great man. Can't wait to see some buds! I'm subbed

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  6. Hey guys, just a quick update ... As I'm running a 20/4 light schedule (bit random but I'm experimenting) the lights went off early this morning and the temperature dropped down to a low 18 celcius, 64 farenheit! Little girl hasn't sprouted yet but it's still early days so not expecting anything just yet. 
    Are you guys growing? If so, what's your grow like?
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    20/4 is a good cycle too, I'm considering switching to it to see if there is any significant difference from 18/6. I think 64 should be alright, it drops down to about 65 here right now and my plants are fine. You wont see damaged cells until 5Cwhen frost starts i believe. Obviously don't wanna let em get that cold. Check out my thread in the micro section if ya have some time! Its a bit of a read :smoke: I can't link on my mobile otherwise I'd send it to ya lol. I start flowering tomorrow :)

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  8. Thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated, I won't let them get below 50 for anything more than 4 hours anyway. I'll find your thread and sub in!  :smoke:
  9. I've been doing a little bit of research and experimenting and made the decision to switch to a 24/0 light schedule. It's just an experiment and I might do something different for next grow, we'll see.
    My one and only seed has started to sprout, still only tiny but I'm sure she'll grow to be big and strong :) 

    Remember the tricks to stealth: No sell, no smell, no tell!
  10. So about 2 days ago I looked at my girl and realised that there's 2 plants! 2 plants grew from just one seed! Wtf? Pictures soon
  11. its genetic defect like twins in humans thats cool man

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  12. How's tha progress going bro?

    Blood, Sweat, and Nugs!
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    Day 9.
    Update: I had to cut one of the twin plants as it was using the same roots and causing the bigger plant to grow slowly sadly. That being said, I've noticed a fast growth on the remaining plant since I killed it which is always a great sign. Although she's still small, she'll be perfect.

    20141031_134502.jpg   20141031_135712 (1).jpg

    Also I've made a homemade carbon filter that works like a bomb. I've put stick incense through it, cigarette smoke, normal smoke and you can't smell a single thing. It was really cheap to make too, in hand with the filter I've also bought 2 ''Corsair Air Series AF120-LED 120mm Quiet Edition High Airflow LED Fans'' to pull air through it. I am so impressed with the smell factor of this filter, would defiantly recommend.
    20141031_134622.jpg   download.jpg
    Thanks guys!
  14. are you still running a 20/4 light cycle because that is what i am running now my plants are flowering because they are auto's.
    How did you make the filter? I'm always curious about how to tackle odor control in micro environments and what worked for people.
  16. Yeah man 24/0. Autos aren't for everybody. I can veg for as long as I want and then flower but you don't really have the choice. Whatever floats yours boat:)
  17. Ah well I made the filter with plastic cups, tights, duct tape and activated carbon. This little filter can handle alot more than a micro grow but it's perfect for a pc because I can also blow smoke into when I'm puffing and nobody can smell anything! :)
  18. Any updates Snoop?  :smoking:
  19. Day 15:

    OG Kush looking pretty nice. Nothing else to report really, going to start to feed her nutes slowly from tomorrow!

    C360_2014-11-06-13-39-07-607 (2).jpg C360_2014-11-06-13-39-14-746.jpg
  20. It's unbelievable how fast this plant grow. Overnight I can see a massive difference in new leaves, the stem and other things too and I haven;t even started adding nutrients yet. 

    Still in the 24/0 light schedule though, not too sure when to change it to 12/12 ... Probably 5-6 weeks old as she's still small.

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