My past two days involving cops (long)

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  1. Ok, so my luck with police in the past two days haven't been too great. It started two days ago when my dealer was riding the Max (think of a subway that's above ground) to get here and my original hook I had found for her fell through (she wanted to try some new bud around my part of town). So I got her another hook, but I currently don't drive so I had a buddy give us a ride. We picked her up at the Max station and almost as soon as we pulled out, we were pulled over. She was about to load a little bowl of trainwreck for us to buzz on while heading to pick up, but we didn't load it because of said cop. So the cop pulls us over and she eats the bowl for safety and puts her little chillum away.

    The cop comes up to us and asks for license/registration, and also the licenses of me and my dealer (who has only lived here for about 3-4 months, moving from Florida and still has her Florida ID). My buddy "Chad" who was driving asks the police why we were pulled over and he says because his tags were expired by 4 days. 4 days. He takes the stuff back to his car and Chad says he has a clean record so we'll be chill. So the cop comes back up to us after about 10 minutes and says "Now you guys don't have anything in the car that you shouldn't, right?" and Chad says "Absolutely not, sir", to which the cops asks "Do you mind if I search the vehicle?" Chad, being smart says "Yes I would mind, sir. I'm sorry." The cop says okay and leaves back to his car, which of course we think is to get a canine which wouldn't be too bad because all that was in the car was my dealers chillum and scale and Chad's 20 sack that was in an air tight pill container.

    Another cop comes, but no canine was with him so we were all relieved. After another 10 or 15 minutes, one of the cops from the second vehicle came up to my window (passenger) and says the other cop isn't writing him a ticket for turning onto a one way street (which is only because we were being pulled over and there was no where else to go) but is going to write him a ticket for having his tags expired for 4 days, which I think was a bullshit reason to write him a $125 ticket, but that's cops for you. He ended up taking us to pick it up but my dealer took the bus to the max just to be safe and he gave me a ride back to my house because I only picked up a half from her.

    So yesterday (well, technically this morning at 1:30 A.M.), me and two buddies were headed to Jack in the Box to get some free grub my a buddy that works there. We'll call the driver "A" and my other buddy "B". So A picks me and B up at my house in his truck and we fit all three of us up front in a stick, which was definitely packed. B couldn't put his seatbelt on and I didn't even have one, so that's already sketch. We drive about halfway and see an undercover so we start sketching over that because I had a 20 sack on me to blaze once we got to Jack in the Box and every cop is a sketch cop in that situation. So we pull into the right lane and make a turn shortly after, and a cop was right there passing us too. So again, we sketch and then it pulls a u-turn and follows us, which at that point we know we're gonna be pulled over. So B is one of my best friends who I hang out with everyday, a true homie, and he knows I've been busted once before and my Dad was tripping (it was when I was 17 and he was saying how stupid I was for having it with me and what not, thought I'd be getting a lot worst punishment that I did, etc), so he didn't want me going through that and said he'd take it incase something went wrong (like I said, true fucking homie).

    Anyway, we get pulled over at about 1:30 and we all start getting out our info just because we know it's coming. But A being the smart guy he is didn't tell us there was a pipe in the glove compartment because he had forgotten about it and we didn't notice it because it was in a little case. So the cop asks us for our info and sounded like a chill cop, but then he says "Hey, what's in the pipe bag right there?" Me and B are like :confused: and then look in the glove box and it was just like are you fucking serious...

    So the cop just says "if any of you have marijuana, just be honest about it and no tickets will be given. Don't make me have to dig around for it", so my buddy nudges me like 'should I?' and I just say yeah, so he hands it over. He asks if that's all and we say yes and he says he's going to have another cop come and then search the truck and if he finds anything else then that's when tickets will be written. So we're all hoping A didn't have anything hidden in the truck that he also forgot about lol. So we all get search and it hit me that we should've just put it in our shoe because they didn't check there. But regardless, they didn't find any more bud and so he was chill about it and made A break his pipe and stomp the bud and then asked when the last time he smoked was and he said two days ago, and the cop knew he was bullshitting but said there wasn't enough to prove him high and told him it could result in a DUI next time if someone thinks he is high and what not. But he lets us go and we get free food, so it ended on a good note. Just a crazy two days of cops.
  2. Damn, stomping on the bud?

    If it was in a tiny bag, I would of just dropped it and stepped on it with my heel, squished it around a bit, and kicked it back under the car with my heel, then go back for it later (assuming it wasn't TOO windy out to blow it away) - but they watch you do it, so I'm sure that's not a possibility..
  3. They made him empty it out to the ground first and then stomp on it but they didn't watch him with the pipe. He should've just kicked the dumpster and pocketed the pipe, but it is what it is. I'm happy with no fines.

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