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  1. I'm 24,i live alone apart from my parents,last thursday i came visiting,to spend christmas with them,my dad wanted to collect something from my bag while i was out,and he saw my stash and here we are,now they wish to attribute every bad thing that has ever happened in my life to weed,not knowing that i would have NEVER moved out of their house 4 years ago or gotten a job,tonight we are to talk about it,my mom will cry i know,saying i am destroying my life,i dont know if to lie and say it isnt mine or to just own up(deep down i know there isnt much they can do to me)
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  2. Once your a parent, you'll see the likely sillyness behind this.
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  3. Own up.......youve seen the movies.....and COPS.........the "it isn't mine" thing just sounds silly and non-believable
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  4. Welcome to the real world.
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  5. You're an adult just remind them all the good things you've accomplished.

    Sometimes you can't change their mind about it.
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  6. Tell me something,where's your advice in that please?
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  7. We all talked anyways,i owned up,got lots of advice,plus they admit that it hasnt impaired my progress in life so its all good.
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  8. Okay great! I'm glad I read this and saw everything worked out before I typed an elaborated paragraph of my advice

  9. Lol you sure it's 14 & not 24?? Why would you bring weed with you knowing your parents don't approve lol
  10. This would be a good time to talk to your parents about respecting your privacy. Going into your bag without permission wasn't cool and they need to know it.
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  11. He didnt roll up a j and have a nice long talk with ya.
  12. No,whats crazy is that my father is a smoker,of tobacco though and get this,he thinks that marijuana is more dangerous to the health than tobacco
  13. Yeah i know right?
  14. Get my point,first off i AM 24 and the reason i even bother hiding my smoking habit is how much the thought of it breaks my moms heart,no matter my age i dont want that for her,crying and all that,not knowing the MJ in question hasn't deterred or even delayed my life plans
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  15. Lie and yo6ull look like a total idiot that they may never trust again. Be an adult about it, not a liar. They know it's yours anyway Don't make it worse.

    Side note: you might come across more like a 24 year old if you made sentences with the correct punctuation insteas of a bunch of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  16. Tell him your gay, he will forget all about that weed.
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  18. Lol spell check can be a bitch when it gets clogged up with big fingers. I was just giving a suggestion relax kid..but ya no sentence contains 10 ,,, not a big deal. Just trying to help
  19. Sorry if i came off as defensive,some people here think it's okay to laugh at someone who has issues so instead of giving constructive criticisms and advice they just talk a lot of bull,anyways thanks,the issue has been diffused now
  20. Not at all homie. Trust very misunderstood on here...not a big deal

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