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Discussion in 'General' started by SAMacK329, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. Im tryin to make a pipe to save some cash...i know copper gives lockjaw, but how bout brass...and with that, should i just go by one? i mean ive used soda cans and bottles for a while, but i need a peice...what do yall think?
  2. get a glass piece
  3. definately get a glass piece. they look cool and dont taste shitty like a metal pipe or a soda can does. plus to be a true smoker u have to have a nice piece.
  4. When I got my first piece it was $8 at a local headshop. It's a meerschaum pipe with a plastic mouth piece. Not as nice as glass, but didn't taste shitty like metal. If you look you can probably find something cheap like that somewhere near you. Go ahead and spend the money to get something halfway decent, otherwise you're going to spend your life smoking out of apples and stuff.
  5. wurd...

    If you are willing to go out and buy a piece that would definitley be the way to go. My only advice would be to save up enough money to do it right. Don't go and get one of those shitty little keychain sized pieces that they sometimes sell at gas stations (my first mistake). Its just not worth it.

    INVEST in something glass that could quite possibly bring you YEARS of smoking pleasure.
  6. OH DAMN well, there is a god, and he likes me, and he likes buddys girl is gettin me a glass peice and some extra happiness for...INDEPENDANCE DAY!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA FUCK YEA!!!

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