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  1. first some pics :D

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  2. Nice looking stem. That looks like indica leaves but nodes are very spread out what strain is that???
  3. second plant

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  4. give me a few ill get back to ya :)

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  5. They are bagseed, bad bagseed but the weed wasnt cured at all. So i didnt even bother smoking all of it, it felt like I was smoking wet hay :(. But it could be some potent stuff and better smoke after I cure it. As long as it weighs i can sell it and build my dream stealth indoor setup. Im gona try to build the first (?) DIY Omega garden 1/2 size of the production model.

    They are stretching out beacuse they dont get alot of light 4-5 hours a day. But once they gat past 2 feet they will be out of the shadows of nearby bushes ect.

    I topped the 2 good plants and the one knocked over one isnt and i plan on training it.

    They are about 1' high plus a few inches.

    The one plant that looks like crap i discoverd today moved 1' and knoked over with a crimped stem but not snaped :) . Im not shure if it was people or an animal but think it was a good samaritan trying to destroy it. I noticed when i walked into the spot some brush was moved along the entrance and some beer bottles from some kids were put in there box, and placed into the woods. The box of beer is 30' from my spot in an attempt to clean up the woods. Im not shure if i should throw it out or not. Mabey if i throw it out the good samaritan will leave my plants alone because they may realize im not damaging the enviornment, thats why im growing organic but they dont know that.

    Anyways about my soil and early growth ect..

    I started the plants in my stealth grow box that turned out to be not so stealth :( . I had 4 plants and when i got busted i said id get rid of the one plant in there, because my mom couldnt figgure out how to open it to see how many were realy in there. So i overdosed the smallest one with pure 10-10-10 and moved the other 3 to my bros room. By morning it was all wilted so i said it was a failded grow thet i dint want to give up on.

    The 3 remaining plants were tossed into an unused oven with a CF over it for 3 days. Then i put them in a large cardboard box with 2 20 watt CFs. They chilled in there for about a week then i transplanted them to the bigger pots using compost as the filler. A few days later i transplanted them outside. Theyve been outside for around a week now, can ya tell i dont kep track of the days but its kinda insignificant cuz its all outdoors and grows feely.

    From week one to 3 i ferted with 1/4 strength 10-10-10 liquid soltion then one 3/4 water after transplanting them into the bigger pots. Thats the last of chemical nutes they will see cuz now im making organic tea.

    I plan on transplanting them into 5 gal buckets and diging them in, mabey into the dirt once im satisfied with the location.
  6. How they all got started, minus the small one.

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  7. Today i made some scrambled eggs and cleaned and crushed up the sheels to 1/4" pieces. i am leting them airdry and then i will scrub them with a toothbrush to make shure there is no eggs left on them that may attract bugs and animals. I will make a ring of eggshells around the base of the plants to stop the slugs from eating my plants.
  8. good news the plant that fell over and had a bent stem is now standing on its own and looks ok . I say ok because last night a slug ate alot of the leaves but the top 1/2 is untouched. I put the shells around the base and i put some insectacide around all 3 of my plants. Also i started to train one of my plants. I stabed a stick into the ground and bent the plant under one of the braches.

    I will be transplanting them into 5 gal buckets soon. And im thinking of bring one inside into my cf box so i can get some good clones quickly because the new shoots are growing slowly. The only shoot big enough for cloning was eaten by the slug last night.
  9. The plants are about 1.5-2' now and starting to get good potential clone cutings. My clone box is almost ready i just have to hook up a fan. I finaly transfered one of the plants to a 5 gal bucket. for teh bucket i threw together a mix of 4 parts compost and one part poting soil, and about 10 worms that were in the compost.

    whan i transplanted my plant i noticed there were ants in the root ball they had a whole cave of eggs in there scrambled all up my arm when i puled the plant out of the bucket. Anyone else have this problem?

    Im using a 5 gal bucket for this plant because the water level is about 1' below the surface at this location and would kill the plant. The other 2 plants i watered, but i didnt get to diging them in yet, Im thinking of returning tomorrow with more, better, dirt and dig them in. and il bring my digi for you guys :).

    How do you other O'gers bring all the dirt in to your spot? I brought in dirt for one 5 gal bucket in 2 shcool backpacks and it must have weighed 60lbs!
  10. if you are growing them in a pot, try puting a 1inch ring of salt around the base of it. Along with the egg shell this should keep out some pesky invaiders.

    Bye the way thats a great lookin stemm on that first pick it looks like you will have quite a plant
  11. i wouldnt reccomend using salt it builds up in the pot. i use egshells *edit, misread, it will build up in the soil and may damage surrounding bushes wich may blow my cover. i havent had any bug problem since puting on the sevendust.
  12. I went to the thick stemed spot and tied it because it was starting to get too tall. I forgot to take my camera but i will have new pics on monday around noon of the trained plant and the transplanted plant. Also I plan on transplanting the other 2 plants on monday and taking clones, so i will take pics as i go with the cloning process and the transplanting.

    The clones i will sex aand if i haev more then one male i will kill it and replace it with a female clone. If Thicky is a male im going to save him, take his 2 clones and plant them so I can make some seeds. I will keep another thicky clone and bonzai him in my grow box. Over the winter i will stabilize the strain because the thick stem is an awsome outdoor trait unlike my other 2 plants. But thats just for breeding practice, i plan on buying some quality strains for next years grow. Im trying to find some good variety bags with sav and indica with quality genetics so i can breed to my specs.

    I realized last night how big these suckers are going to get they are about 2' now and july just started. So they have another 2 or so months of veg left! I have alot of training ahead!
  13. Sup thc, I didnt know you have a Outdoor grow going, do you have a therad with your plants in it?
  14. i have to say that you are a king of the out doors my freind. How long are the clones your cutting? And if you got the genatics right you could have a great outdoor plant, the mixture of that huge stem and some good bud would be awsome. o and how are you keepin em short? My freind uses rubber bands and can keep his plants at a perfect 4 and a half feet all the time. Keep the pics comemin!
  15. I used a string for 3 days to tie the one i started training to the ground and got a horizontal stem. yesterday i tied the top growth tip to the main stem so it is facing down and lower then all the other nodes. in a few days i will rlease the top growth tip and it will flip back up and i wil have the 2 bigest (highets tips from the mid nodes and the one main growht tip as the pri many tips. then i will relase it let it go naturaly for a week or so and re tie it. Im trying to spead out the 2 plants thet must be trained due to low cover. they both have an area about 5'x4' so i think i may scrog them. Ive never heard of an outdoor scrog before mainly because there is no reason in the grat outdoors, but this is a suburban grow and the woods are more traveled therfor more strategy must be used.

    I took one clone to practice an outdoor cloning meathod im working on (link at bottom). I think it may work. If it does work i will do the breedinig as planed. I havent picked the breeding location yet. It will be far away and i think i may have my friend living in the other end of town find a spot near him and tend to the breeding ground for me. They wil be small 2' plants at most. and most likely the smallest clones i can get becaus i dont need many seeds to preserve the genetics. ony problem is i will haev to germ all the seeds and weed out the thin stem plants to preserve just that strain. it wont be a controlled strain but i think im better of thei that because the diffreces in genetics will help with viruses bugs and other problems. Also it wil give me more variation in bud after crosing it with some good genetics.
  16. I forgot to mention one problem im experiencing. i transplanted the one plant into the 5 gal bucket and used compost with a bit of poting soil. It looked like ist was good soil, nice and airy. but when i porued the water in it turned to mud :(. i gues i should have watered from beneath. but its too late now and its all packed down. the plant disnt spurst as usual when transplanting. So i decided that tomorrow im going to buy some good soil and re pot it with my friends assistance, its kinda obvious if i carry 2 bulging backplacks into the woods. so after i repot it ti sould do fine but i missed out on a weeks growth for this one plant, it wil still be big though.

    Another problem is one of my thin stemed plants kinked the stem with i did an emergency rootbound transplant into a 3 gal container with some scotts poting soil with "osmocite". I transplanted it till i can fully transplant i to the ground or 5 gal bucket (still havent decided). The stem already recoved i checked it out yesterday, and it likes its new home :D
  17. Well it turns out my plants are extremy savita doninant they have long skinny 9 point leafes. I will have pics as soon as i can use my moms digi, thing is i go to the plants when my mom is out working and shes uses the camera for work. Hopefully tomorrow she wont need it and I can get some new pics sory that I havent updated pics in a few weeks. The plants are about 2'6" now and lanky, the trained one is about 2' but more bushey. The plant i transplanted using compost seems to be liking the soil now, and im going to leave it to the worms to airate the soil. More pics soon...
  18. This is the one that i broke the stem when i transplanted, its fulley recoverd and doing well. See how sativa its looking. Im hoping its a shorter fowering sativa, im going to have to pull it around week 8-12 of flowering becausi m in NY, depending on if huricanes come and the first frost. i couldnt get you pics of my other 2 plants because my moms digi memory card was filled with pics and i didnt want to erase them. So i got 2 nice pics of one plant. I will get pics of the other 2 soon.

    Ive been giving them 1 tablespoon per gal 10-10-10 scotts ferts and im planing on steping it up to 1.5 strength next watering. The ph i tested yeserday, its at 6-6.25 for all 3 of my plants. Im going to buy some lime for the next ferting.

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  19. Side shot, same plant. You can see where the stem snaped and there is a bulge above the 2nd node in the pic. DAM i love this shot! Cant wait till its another 3 feet taller and filled with buds!

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  20. What would you growers say to the estimated indica/savtia precentages judging from the leaf shapes?

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