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    whatsup guys? i planted some seeds, and they all came up over memorial day weekend (5/27). this means they are a week old today, and have just began their vegetative phase!
    i have 4 beefsteak tomato sprouts, 3 cherry tomatoes (2 sprouts, 1 mature plant) 1 jalapeno pepper (only plant that i didnt start from seed), 2 basils, 2 cilantros and 1 dill.
    i also have 5 annual flower bulbs in some shallow containers for my mom.
    i made a strong soil mix, so i shouldnt have to feed for some time.
    first the beefsteak tomato sprouts. one of them looks sick so i may replace it with the extra sprout in pic #1
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  4. Everything looks good, brother I'm interested to see how things progress, bless!
  5. Is the mature one just one plant? It puts mine to shame

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    thank you rasbubble! glad to have you along.
    and yes yurigadaisukida, its one plant, but its been alive for a some time now. i started it indoors a couple months ago, and its been transplanted about 2 times. i wish i gave it a cage to grow into, but its still doing well. im guessing its going to droop onto the deck when it gets even bigger.
    the sprouts that are starting in the real sun will do even better. i want to make a raised bed next year, but theres no good spots on my parents property that has all day sun besides the deck, which is where i have the pots now.
    remember, as babies they like good textured soil (to make it easy for their roots to expand into), and as adults they like supplemented food.
    watering the soil makes it easier for the roots to grow as well, so make sure youre soaking the soil, and then letting it dry out for a day or two before watering again.
  7. For me I have to water every day :(

    120 dry heat.

    Plants get mad at me if I even miss one day

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  8. Hmmm...peppers and tomatoes....I love growing peppers and tomatoes! And it looks like you started everything from seed?? Awesome, keep the updates coming....and blades will come.
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    Sup incubus head? Ill update this weekend. Any suggestions about what else to grow?
    yuri, i hear ya! latley ive been having to water everyday due to 80-90f temps
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    Peppers and tomatoes are great and easy to grow and need little maintenance. With suggestions on what else to should grow whatever you enjoy eating. I've enjoyed growing cucumbers and strawberries in the past. Try strawberries! It's a great fruit to grow and I get a few ripe strawberries almost everyday!
    Oh and BTW, thanks for noticing the Incubus head from the SCIENCE Most people just think it's a funny face, haha.
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    i like incubus a lot. my favorite albums are make yourself and morning view.
    i was thinking about growing strawberries as well! my pepper plant just started going through the stretch/puberty last weekend and it should be big when i get home this weekend! ill be sure to take pictures.
  12. Nice bro
    I just picked up some Rosemary, mint and Strawberrys.
    I'll proly toss them in 20 gallon containers later.
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    nice remo, lets see when you get a chance! i just did the calculations and im hoping to have fruits early august! that will be 70 days from seed as the packets suggest.
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    i need to get cages for my tomatoes. should i get one for the pepper plant as well?
    cherry tomatos, 3 weeks from seed
    2013-06-17_18-29-24_701.jpg 2013-06-17_18-29-33_769.jpg
    beefsteak tomatos, 3 weeks from seed
    2013-06-17_18-30-20_26.jpg 2013-06-17_18-30-34_862.jpg 2013-06-17_18-30-45_848.jpg 2013-06-17_18-31-06_675.jpg
    jalapeno pepper, starting to flower
    2013-06-17_18-31-42_634.jpg 2013-06-17_18-31-37_459.jpg
    2 basils and 1 cilantro
    only 1 of my 5 annual summer flowering bulbs sprouted. why is that? its been storming here for the past week, i hope it stays sunny for a bit now!
  15. going to update later today, but for now heres a ripe cherry tomato i just picked!

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    thanks! i find that the soil is the most important factor. a lot of my plants have stress marks, and one of them is not really growing well. they all began flowering this week.

    jalapeno pepper:
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    beefsteak, cherry tomato, 2 cilantros and 1 of 3 lillies:
    View attachment 119529
    View attachment 119530
    4 beefsteaks. as you can see somethings wrong with one. theres more than enough food in the soil, and i fed it on top of that, but its roots just arent working right [​IMG]
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    2 basils and 1 cilantro
    View attachment 119527
    1 mature cherry tomato plant
    View attachment 119528 View attachment 119531
    2 cherry tomatoes
    View attachment 119526 View attachment 119524
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  18. Looks great b real. Your tomatoes and peppers are looking really healthy. I'll be checking back hope to see some more photos! Happy growing!    :bongin:

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