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My Opinion of Scheduling

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by AstrovitztheKid, Jan 5, 2013.

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    I wrote this out of boredom. Give it a read. I think it is well put together. Show me any mistakes I made too. :rolleyes:

    Its got lots of typos.

    Arguments for Cannabis

    1) DEA Schedule Status (Illogical, Politically Motivated, Unfair Corporation Bias)
    Marijuana is currently scheduled by the DEA
    \t-The Controlled Substance Act
    \t\t-effective October 27th, 1970
    \t\t-legislation created five schedules with varying qualifications for each substance
    \t\t-the DEA and FDA determine which substances are added to or removed
    -(1969 President Richard Nixon launches The War on Drugs)
    \t- Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 is born.
    -Cannabis is marked as a Schedule I drug.
    \t-A: the drug has a high potential for abuse
    \t-B: the drug has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the US
    \t-C: Lack of accepted safety for use of the drug under medical supervision
    \t-D: No prescriptions may be written, and are subject to production quotas by the DEA.

    -This Scheduling is convoluted and causing more danger by keeping the public uninformed of truth.
    -This Scheduling is more active politically than it is pharmaceutical.


    \t-Counter A: there is no credible medical studies performed that favor the hypothesis that cannabis is an addictive substance physically. There are studies claiming that psychological addiction is present, but incredibly mild and the most severe psychological symptoms are mild depression (the blues), irritability, or lack of appetite.

    ALCOHOL COUNTER:Compared to the physical and psychological symptoms of alcohol withdraw, cannabis psychological withdraw is nothing more than a slightly worse day. Alcohol withdraw can include shakes, vomiting, sweating, cold chills. Also, alcohol withdraw syndrome includes: physical dependence, a hyper-excited CNS, migraines, hallucinations, insomnia, and more.
    To argue that alcohol has no bearing on cannabis related discussion, one must remember that all drugs are to be fairy, and safely categorized, without political bias intervening in the matter. Thus, we must turn to the DEA's Official Drug Schedule. However, it is upon following this logical conclusion that the argument runs into an interesting road block. Alcohol is not even scheduled as a drug, yet alcohol is an extremely toxic drug used by millions legally every day. It remains to have no mention in the DEA's list of Scheduled Drugs. Simply illogical.

    COCAINE COUNTER:However, if we must keep the most obviously socially biased drug (alcohol) out of the question, simply because the government decrees it so, than we may turn to another drug to continue the argument: cocaine. Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that causes physical and psychological dependence among users. This drug is rated Schedule II according to the DEA. The difference between Cocaine and Cannabis in the eyes of the government is: (for Schedule II substances) the drugs have currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, or currently accepted medical use with strict restrictions. This however is contradictory of the current situation of politics regarding Cannabis. On a state wide level, many states consider cannabis a medical substance, and doctors prescribe it multiple times a day for a variety of ailments. One can then make the conclusion, that if states approve this drug for medical use, that the federal government should recognize it as a lesser Scheduled Drug.
    \t-Counter B: the drug cannabis, certainly has recognized medical use in the United States. Perhaps, it is not recognized as a medicine by the federal government for political interests or unjust company biases, but many credible practicing doctors regard cannabis as a cure-all drug. Multiple credible medical studies performed only recently because of restrictive bureaucratic red tape (which conveniently does not exist regarding heroin, cocaine, crack, etc.) show many positive health effects of using cannabis. There are a variety of medical compounds found in marijuana smoke. These include:
    \t-(THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol:
    \t\t-primary comound responsible for psychoactive effects of cannabis.
    \t\t- compound is a mild analgesic
    \t\t- has antioxidant activity
    \t\t-interacts with Anandamide (an erogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter
    \t\t\t-believed to play a role in pain sensation, memory, and sleep.

    \t-(CBD) Cannabidiol
    -represents 40% of all extracts of medical cannabis
    \t\t-has been shown to relieve convulsion, inflammation, anxiety, cough, congestion.
    \t\t- relieves nausea
    \t\t-inhibits cancer cell growth
    \t\t-perfect for treating multiple sclerosis, anxiety attacks, and Tourette syndrome

    \t-(CBN) Cannabinol
    -therapeutic cannabinoid found in indica/sativa strains
    \t\t- produces a metabolite of THC.
    \t\t-agonist of CB1 and CB2 receptors.

    -mechanism by which medical cannabis has been shown to reduce tissue inflammation.
    \t\t- interacts with endocannabinoid system to accomplish this effect.
    \t-Counter C:

    In fact, the only major criticism that the cannabis opposition seems to be able to come up with is the unhealthy ingestion of smoke. They seem to ignore the fact that in the higher-conscious future that accepts cannabis as an acceptable form of medicine: cannabis is not only smoked! New technologies have arrived on the scene so you can ingest cannabis without smoking it. The vaporizer bakes the medical compounds off the dried vegetable matter for easy, clean, inhalation. No dangerous health effects accompany proper vaporizer use. Also, cannabis can be ingested orally for a longer lasting, analgesic medication which can relieve long-term pain of many older generations of patients in need of pain relief.

    \tPatients who will be using cannabis as a medicine do not need to be under medical supervision while self-administering. Because cannabis is non-lethal, and non-dangerous there is simply no concern for overdose. The only concern that arises from the over use of cannabis is possible mild psychological addiction. Patients will be capable of self-titration of cannabis. When and if they use too much, they will simply get drowsy and hungry, both great qualities for a recovering patient to have. Rest is helpful as is an appetite when your body is under attack.

    -Oxycodone/Hydrocodone and OTC Drugs: DEA acceptable Self-Titration
    \t-Oxycodone and Hydrocodone are both used without medical supervision. These drugs can kill if self-titrated improperly. Overdose is quite possible with Oxy and Hydro. Also, OTC drugs can be purchased and kill many people every year because of improper titration. These drugs are Scheduled lower than cannabis which cannot under any normal circumstances be fatal or severely harmful to the body and its systems. There is no logic involved in the DEA's Schedule of Drugs.


    \t-Counter D:
    Many medical cannabis cards have been prescribed to patients across the nation. People openly purchase cannabis at dispensaries in medical cannabis states in order to treat a wide variety of issues. The American Medical Association (AMA) is a credible organization of physicians. Their mission statement reads as follows:

    To promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.”

    The AMA recognizes the medicinal properties and medicinal utilization of cannabis for patients in need.
    \t\t-Because production quotas are needed by the DEA, this makes research of cannabis a game of jumping through bureaucratic hoops. This slows research down greatly to the point where it is essentially inefficient. This creates a vicious cycle wherein the substance in question (cannabis) cannot be studied more, and therefore it is only logical to assume that the DEA has false information about the drug and its potential for use as a medicine and safer recreational alternative to alcohol and tobacco.


    One word I would use to describe cannabis laws in the United States is “convoluted.” There is so much contradiction between state and federal law as well as medical knowledge and DEA proclamations concerning the controversial cannabis plant.
    \t-While federal law says that Cannabis is illegal, there are states who have passed laws with majority vote declaring that the use of cannabis is legal for recreational use as well as medicinal use. The fact that these states have passed these laws reflect a majority opinion in favor of the use of cannabis. The United States was formed to allow states individual power to set their own laws. The legislation (federal vs. state) concerning cannabis is extremely illogical, confused, and contradictory. In fact, I would refer to all the legislation involving cannabis as “tired.” These are laws set in place in the 1930s for racial reasons which society has outgrown, and have been continued as immature and selfish embarrassment of the federal government to recognize one of it's most illogical assertions ever conceived.
    \t-While on the pro-cannabis side we have experienced medical professionals proclaiming cannabis as a cure all; the holy grail of pharmaceuticals (a non-addictive analgesic), on the anti-cannabis side we have self-motivated government agents working to denounce the claims of these medical professionals on the basis of misguided personal opinion, racism, childish embarrassment to recognize mistakes, and unsupported zealotry.
  2. Too bad the scheduling board is either paid so much their shit is green, or are so delusional of the facts they are in need of helmets to do everyday activities.

    There was a previous head DEA administrator that made a report for the rescheduling of marijuana. It was extremely thorough from all aspects. Social, medical, ect. And it actually wasn't even considered. True words, but it falls upon death ears. Revolution is needed to make these fat pocketed heads of states think of the people and not their money. tsk
  3. very true. thanks for reading :hello:
  4. Lately after reading some websites I figured out the following.

    The professional med's are responsible for mixing it all up. Because in the 19th century, tinctures and pills containing cannabis + morphine + opium + heroin were sold as sleep medicine and for pain relief. They also always had all these drugs on stock mixed together next each other.

    So the politicans lawmakers whatever in the 1930s also mixed it all together.

    The truth is cannabis, hash, marijuana are almost harmless. They are not toxic. They are less dangerous than alcohol.

    People who do crazy things will also do them without hash and weed.

    Mental illness in many cases is a question of social disposition, and genetics. It is not true weed or hash turn a regular person with a good life and a good job insane. It is simply not true.

    The education system is bad and offtrack, so the young people drop out. If it is not weed then it is something else.

    The government paints it like if everything is all fine, then the dope peddler trades marijuana joints, and hell breaks loose.

    This is their system of thinking in artificial realities.

    The thing is when job prospects are just not there in a ghetto, if the parents are poor, and the school worn down, all multicultural, not everything is perfectly fine in the first place.

    But you need an explanation, a whitewashing statistic. So it's the killer weed with has increased in potency over the few past years so much and so forth.

    Everyone who wants to work should be given that opportunity. Government needs to make sure of that, create jobs, not jails.

    Schedule Marijuana a recreational substance, and a substance with recognized medical use!

    It clearly is anti-infectional. Serious infections can be treated with high doses of cannabis. It is anti-bacterial.

    It should become available openly the same as guns, tobacco, and alcohol. No one wants to give these to children or without ID, but any regular adult should be able to make the descision for themselves.

    I think the law system which allows generic viagra on the black market for any perv, without prescription, and at the same time, jails marijuana users for a few grams, breaks into homes and destroy grow op's, is a corrupt one.

    Or is viagra just can be controlled so much more, because you need a chemical factory to fabricate it?

    If you look at all these psych meds, you can become frightened. They normally don't work as intended, so the typical patient goes through a trial of many of them to see which works best, or which works at all. They make people more spastic than before, but at least, put into a straitjacket.

    There is no lab test for mental health. There is also no cure through medication. These meds just put you into such a straitjacket you are hardly not capable of doing anything anymore.

    If you take a whole blister of psych tablets you likely even could die!

    Billions of dollars are made with such med's, 90% of the mental health cases have a social background disposition. Nothing is ever cured.

    But whitewash the statistic. The environment is all perfectly fine, the school, college and so forth is all the best, but there are people who simply have mental health issues. Medication is needed! And then there are drug peddlers. A+ grade kids turn into insane monsters, lingering mental health proposition breaks loose, addiction developes, gateway to harder drugs, and it is unclear if it can be cured at all.

    Thinking in artificial realities.

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