my only problem with prop 19

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    amateur growers will seed the hell out of other outdoor growers good plants not knowing that they have males. But the same thing is possible right now so.....who cares
    other than that its all good.

    the people complaining about only being able to have one ounce on them are full of shit, if you want to smoke more, tell a couple friends to go to the store with you to get larger quantities or go to a couple different stores and get an oz at each one.

    The people complaining about not being able to smoke around your kids

    come on, common sense why the hell would you smoke anything around young kids, if you want to smoke a j tell your kids to go outside and if you're already outside tell them to go inside. what the hell? if you're eating edibles or vaporizing fuck it just proceed.

    to the people saying you will be taxed to grow your own personal supply

    NO you will not be taxed to grow your own in a 25 sq ft space and if youre a good grower you can come off with a pound if you know what you're doing. growing auto-flower plants would allow you to grow smaller plants with a decent yield and harvest more times a year. if you grow indoors you can do the same thing with normal strains. also there is nothing said about growing vertically, with a loophole like that, someone can grow an incredible amount of cannabis. the only growers who will be taxed are the ones who grow COMMERCIALLY, in the last bill the permit to grow commercially to sell to stores was only 5000.00 us im not sure about this one.

    to those saying that this law will affect medical mmj

    yeah it will affect medical marijuana in a couple of ways, rich medical marijuana dispensary owners and street dealers will lose out on millions. other than that nope, the rules that exist within californias mmj laws still exist including amounts a patient is able to grow etc.

    To those who are angry that marijuana is being taxed in the 1st place, I know its not great that we must pay a tax, but there wouldn't be so many non smoker supporters for this bill if it was not being taxed. the tax will do good things like funding for schools, hospitals, fire departments, etc. the tax is a small price to pay to be able to ingest my favorite plant in the world legally without worry of arrest.
    If you don't want to be taxed, grow your own. With prop 19 being legalized, if you don't have any weed, a friend with extra weed from a grow can give you buds just like lemons or apples, or oranges, sharing is caring. better yet if you have friends that dont smoke, just ask them to grow some plants for you, simple as that.

    to those who are saying the quality of weed will go down, what the hells wrong with you? seriously plenty of existing illegal dealers will go legit and will become legit businessmen, They know exactly what we like(the dank), they will convert to legal growing and will start selling the same delicious dank that we love as well as many smokers who will enter the business who also know what we like. Not to mention mmj dispenseries are going nowhere. there will be shitty weed for sale, like there is now, and there will be dank for sale like there is now.

    the time to legalize it is now, mj has been illegal since 1937 and we're so lucky that we have this bill in the 1st place, not everything in the bill is perfect, but changes can and i'm sure will be made for the better. You cant have everything in life your way. If this doesn't pass, who knows when we'll get another opportunity for legalization.
  2. There would be an easier, cost effective way to make better quality paper, making logging jobs obsolete, many people imprisoned would be out and without work, the DEA would lose asstons of jobs, prison jobs too, not to mention all the practical uses of hemp today and the effects it would have on different industry (if still applicable in these modern times). Also the black market would be reduced by alot, making it so illegal profits are even less productive which may or may not have adverse effect on local economies especially, but what about taking the weed out of local hands and making it just another enterprise for fat cats to stick their hands in, making the middle class smaller. lol

    Sure it would lighten the load on the US, create a massive instantaneous revenue, but is it worth it? No im not a drug dealer, but i was just thinking of adverse effects as well and i think they'd be pretty significant. Not necessarily outweighing the benefits but time will tell. Private prisons would be devastated (woohoo) and police corruption down (YAY!). I think health problems would actually go down due to beneficial effects of weed on the current culture. Stress is just awful.

    But what are the effects of legalization on the non-users?

    When the stigma is gone weed will just be another alcohol, kids will use less (probably and hopefully) and more attention will be paid to harder drugs, who knows what effects it will have on those....

    btw im pro legalization :D
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    I think that although the logging industry would probably be effected, the mj industry will be booming, a totally not so new industry with jobs for commercial growers, mj scientists, rope, everything else in the emperor wears no clothes etc etc

    Im thinking there will be lots of mj related jobs created with this. Some bad may come from this like logging, pharmaceutical, beer, and cigarette companies laying off workers, But marijuana related jobs will be BOOMING.

    And with The money saved from not arresting weed smokers, and not having to pay for probation officers, lawyers(if the mj user doesn't have one), food, water, clothes, shoes, electricity, and medical attention for mj related prisoners, Cali can hire and put more officers on the street to deal with real crimes, that hurt and kill people. Also with less trees being cut, there will be a lot more clean fresh to breath, something cali can really use. :smoke:

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