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  1. Soo I am a total newbie to growing but i have had a few failed experiments but i have since done an incredible amount of research. So last night I germinated a Gs13 Power skunk using the 420 method stickied up top. I also at the same time mixed Miracle grow Organic choice with 15% vermiculite and a small amount of the miracle grow plant starter. This is in a 10 inch pot so when the seed is germinated which im assuming will be in about another 24 hrs or so i can already see a tiny crack where the tap roots comin. We plan on putting in an enclosure with 4 45watt cfls. Maybe if the 65watt if we can find those. So when i put the germinated seed in the pot i should put it right under the light correct? And should i put some kind of clear bag over it?

    I will try and post pics up too soo you can get a better feel!

    Any advice or tips or whatev would be totally kick ass! Thanx in advance
  2. Here are some pretty nice pictures of my 5 fixture lamp i bought must say i think it was a dam good score!!! Each bulb is a 27Watt Cfl Daylight bulb so i in total have 135 Watts! So heres a couple pics so you can see the light set up and the grow room:)

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  3. Well no ones responded yet but that's fine i'm just going to use this as a grow log any way!

    So update! My seed germinated at about 5 o'clock pm yesterday. I placed it about 1/2 an inch or less in the soil and moved it with a planting stick so the tap root was facing down. Then I covered it loosely with soil. Now correct me if i am wrong here but your not supposed to put it in light right away til it sprouts. Also I've read a couple other places to put a bag over your pot so i put a walmart sac over mine.

    I also am in the process of experimenting with peet pellets. I have heard some people totally detest them but i thought what the hell why not try it. So I prepared those last night at about 5 AM. One is a feminized white widdow and the other is a bag seed that looked pretty good. So we will see how well indeed these work and i may add them to the room!

    I can't wait for this puppy to sprout so i can get the ball rolling and "see" the progress. Hmm must be the 1st time jitters haha!!
  4. Its hard to respond with no pics of any plants lol, But Your light setup does look pretty Fly.
  5. kk..

    no bag over it, that's for clones.

    You can put it under light... or not until it sprouts.. doesnt really matter as long as you keep it moist and warm.

    when it does sprout, make sure those lights are fairly close, you dont want that puppy stretching.
  6. they should be within an inch of two of your plant once it's a week old or so.

    you should put a bag over it until the seed breaks the soil.
  7. Update!!

    My Power skunk still hasn't sprouted but the feminized white widow i put in the peat pellet has already sprouted so i put it under the light! Here are some pics let me know what you think!!

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  8. you might want to ease on the light until the plant fully sprouted out and got a few leafs out.
  9. Thanx for the advice I didnt get it til later so it had about 8 hrs of light but i took it off and put a bag over it. It's lookin a little better but i noticed some tiny bugs crawling around in the soil? what should i do about this? ALso the Power Skunk's first two leaves are almost open is this when i should put it under the light? I'll post pics up a little later when I'm not Balls deep tired!

    Thanx again for all the help and advice
  10. so if i use regular cfl bulbs how many should i use and about how many watts. and how close should it be to the pot once it sprouts?
  11. pretty niice idea with that medusa lamp , lol.

    but maybe consider detaching the lamp fixtures & removing the shades from each head?

    that way u could have really tightly positioned lights,

    this one doeslook fun , ill be following along with ya dood.
  12. I'm looking at buying a fixture very similar to this. I posted it in my Pineapple Express thread.


    I will be watching your thread closely.
  13. Haha nice thanks for the feed back and yea when i saw this lamp i was like ha that will work perfect and yea i probably will take the covers off of them if i can figure out how haha! Heres what the power skunk is looking like i put a gentle oscilating fan on it to strenthen the stem it looks a little stretchy already!

    It's kinda hard to see I know I'll work on taking better pics later but my ladys over haha;)

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  14. miracle grow organic SUCKS!!! it ended up being the death of my last plant. in my opinion one of the worst soils you can use for growing weed. the ph fluctuates and the soil has terrible aeration
  15. I assume you have that fan at the lowest speed, right? I'm going to buy a fan but something smaller than that.
  16. Yes I do have the fan on the lowest setting and trust me it's old so it's not too powerful and yea i have strated to notice that this miracle gro organic kinda sucks haha. So hopefully everything goes well with this and ill change soils when I transplant or something but for sure using diff. soil next time!
  17. Here is some pics of whats goin on now the stem kinda fell over but it didn't seem to stress it at all tell me what you think!

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  18. get some fox farms ocean forest soil and handle it the right way
  19. Well how do i go about fixing this like whats the easiest way to transplant? Also idk if they have that brand around here but im def. getting some diff soil. The first two serrated leaves have come up and are pointed up twoards the light they look healthy. Also the top of the soil seems to dry out pretty fast so i have just been misting it with a water bottle. Should i keep doing this and when should i actually water the whole pot again. Last time it was fully watered was probably a week and half ago.
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    Dont mist it

    dont water it

    if you watered the soil before planting the seed, then everything should be fine for more than a week.

    Transplanting can be done in a week or two when the plant grew a lot. It's fairly easy.

    You water your pot, you put the palm of your hand against the soil, with the plant escaping through your fingers.

    Flip the pop, squeeze the pot, tap it, the soil will plop in one wet block upside down.

    Quickly and carefully move it into your new bigger pot. (OBVIOUSLY PREPARE THAT BIG POT BEFORE REMOVING THE PLANT)

    I got a grow journal that's ahead of you by just over 2 weeks. You can follow it to see what to expect like growth and the kind of setting. I also did the transplant thing.

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