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My one of a kind bong

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by PSE95, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Picked this up at a shop in Olympia called Fire and Earth, they only sell local glass, and nothing mass produced. This is a one of a kind glass on glass bong, and I love it, I don't think I'll ever get rid of this one, the glass is really really thick, and it hits great. let me know what you guys think of it.

    The bowl is pretty resined up in the pic, when its clean is like a really faint clear purple.

  2. Very nice!
  3. That's an awesome swirl, dude! I really like it. is it frosted?
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    yup, its frosted glass that was sanded down so it's almost as smooth as regular glass

    also, there is no pattern on this, its different all around, has little waves of white, black, and clear, but mostly that light blue

    edit: had this since around June, but haven't had a good pic of it till last week, lol, too toned to ever take pics of it, haha.
  5. i like the very simple basic design with kick ass swirling. very classic looking
  6. Looks super thick. Nice bong dude
  7. for sure, and it hits smoother than some of the high end glass I've hit, even though it has no perc's or diffusers. I'm thinking about getting a diffused downstem for it.
  8. Very nice~ But will it b smelly?
  9. Nice dude, I think I have that exact bong.
  10. :laughing:
  11. What up man?!?!

    Im in Oly too. I bought this bong at fire and earth. :) The guy told me it was blown by a local blower but I thought he was just feeding me a sales pitch. In all honesty I really couldnt care less who made my bong. As long as it is good quality and fairly priced.


    Do u hang at any of the bars downtown?? I'm a regular at 4th ave. :)
  12. Nice bong, i bought my first Gong bong at fire and earth. its a legit shop. you from oly?
  13. bad ass! Reminds me of melted crayons.
  14. Damn 3 oly potheads in 1 thread. Nice :)

    I just moved down to rochester. But I still claim oly. Itsw close enough and no1 knows where the fuck rochester WA is.
  15. I like how it has a long neck.
    I got a mini water n it splashes around your month every now and then.

    But thats a nice pick.
  16. yeah good to see i was starting to think i was the only one from oly, need to start a oly pick up thread
  17. Peep the thread in my SIG :)

    NO I cant sell u any of the chronic I get. But I dont mind if u drool over my pics. :)
  18. All of my glass has been bought from Fire and Earth so far. I'll hit the shop up tomorrow to get a look at the prices again.

    I remember them being really over-priced on bongs. Their bubblers are well-priced though.
  19. I'm from Chehalis, bout 30mins south of Oly, good pickups here too. This was really well priced, only like 45 bucks, everything in fire and earth is locally blown as well as hand blown, so the prices are a little higher than lots of mass produced glass of the same size, but the quality is excellent.

  20. AGREED

    I got my bong I posted up there for $160 cause i haggled and bartered ;) with the guy. If I had paid sticker price for all that it would have been like $280. RIDICULOUS.

    Even payin the $160 (after tax) I think was a bit much, but its a THICK bong and I Like the style of it.
    Oh and he also threw in some pokers, charcoal shit (that will NEVER be used),

    Either way. When u haggle them down $120 and STILL think they are a bit pricey, then there is obviously a problem. :)

    I am actually curious to know if this is actually a locally blown bong. I thought the guy was feedin me a line.

    The one short guy that works there is cool though. He did knock off a shitload in order to get me to buy the bong. I kicked him down a lil nug too. so that is what kinda got him to work with me.

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