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  1. I have almost been caught twice in two days in the same spot. It was at my local yacht club, seeing as how its winter nobody was there. Now a guy with his 5 year old daughter almost caught us. The little girl made a sound so we sneaked out of their and ran. then last night, another guy coming to take a piss almost caught us. i hate to say it but my old spot is dead :(. It treated us so well, alas, life must go on.


  2. i feel for ya man, cops are paid to watch for racoons not 20 feet from my spot, so it's gone

  3. same
  4. Hey man, sorry about your spot bro. I used to have a couple of good spots back in the city. I still go occasionally, but they seem a little sketchy now since I've been away. I guess you could call me a nomad toker nowadays. I have a few spots here at university, but I switch them like everyday.
  5. One of then is right on this lake. See the two towers on the right? Well slightly left of them, right below on the lake (under the palm trees) is a really chill spot. No one really bothers us there at night. :cool:

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  6. we sit under this brige. people come by all the time, but no one really minds.

    one time me and my mate were sitting down there, it was news years day, we were sharing a cigar and generally drinking/shooting the breeze. many people came by and all they said was happy new years.

    thats nothing really though, because we weren't doing anything illegal, except maybe drinking in public.

    there have been countless othertimes we've waved at people with our free hand while hitting the bong with the other though. one time we were sitting down there, smoking bongs and my mate was letting off fireworks, the lady from the place up above the bridge comes down, we offer her a bong, she declines, asks if we could keep the noise down (IE no fireworks) we say sure no problem and she goes back upstairs.

    ... upstairs is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation/councelling centre
  7. haha tokedmonkey that's hilarious
  8. ^^haha i feel bad for the patients there ..sober for a month haivng to watch you guys hit a bong, or take shots of hard a.
  9. well the cops have been gone for a few spot is back! im happy
  10. when im at university i smoke right in front of my dorm. i doubt anyone would suspect im smoking weed so its chill.

    this one time there was a bunch of kids out there smoking cigarettes and i asked one for a light, and i sparked my blunt right in front of them, the kid gave me a weird look and i was like..."you dont mind, do you?" and he was like..nah..just dont get me in trouble.
  11. I live in a small ass town nobodys ever heard of, and there were about 8 spots in the whole town, now since people have ratted them out, and cops have started to lockdown the woods, there are only like 4 decent spots left, but i mostly just smoke in my room or at my neighbors house
  12. I jsut do it in my room man, put on an industrial strength fan on low, and toke away. Also, some tuens on a tad bit loud so nobody hears me coughin and tolkien.

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