My nirvana orders from seedboutique

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  1. Nirvana seeds ordered from

    Second (and third, technically) order I've made from them. I got Ice last time and it got here in 4 days.

    Well, I got one of my orders today (Friday). I made two separate orders within about 12 hours of each other, first order was AK-48 and second was PPP. They were both shipped out on the Tuesday the 25th. I received my first order (AK-48) today along with 10 of the durban poison x skunk freebies. Boo, I thought he started giving away new freebies. Oh well, it only took 3 days this time to get to east coast US!

    However, I did not receive the second order. I hope my PPP didn't get snagged by customs! I'm hoping they were just separated a bit since I had ordered them 12 hours after I placed the first order and that they will be here tomorrow. That is most likely what happened... I hope... We'll see tomorrow afternoon. Cross your fingers for me! :p
  2. Yay! Just as I thought, they must have been separated by a few hours. I got my PPP and freebies today! Again, the freebies are the durban poison x skunk. I was hoping for that "mist of destruction" haze cross other people were getting, but oh well. free seeds are free seeds. now i've got 40 seeds to work with (20 nice white strain seeds and 20 durbans) along with 4 plants i've already started growing from bagseed. :D
  3. Yeah, Nirvana's the shit. I got my seeds in 5 days and I live on the West Coast.
  4. got mine in 3 days and i'm on the west coast too!
  5. How do the plants turn out?
  6. i mailed in some money on thursday the 20'th...still have no confirmation that the payment has been made... i emailed them yesterday and still no response... im starting to wonder....
  7. man, I'm kinda disappointed with these. the ak-48 seeds seem to be old or damaged or something. they won't germinate... the PPP are doing fine. just planted 6 of them and about go germinate the other 4. some of the freebie durbans are showing their taproot and i'll probably plant them tomorrow. It kinda pisses me off that none of the ak-48 seeds are germinating though :( Haha, I want to order more seeds, but I really should stop spending money.
  8. I got the same issue, send them money on last Monday 24th, emailed them couple times but havent got any respond, also heard for a guy on that seedboutique is some kind of ripoff. Should i worry?
  9. I mailed in my order to Gypsy on 4/20 and got my beans today. With freebies.

    Anything can happen, but in general they are not a ripoff.
  10. My experience has not been so good. Mailed in my order back in February and never received my order. I let them know and the only reply I got was to let them know on my next order and they would make it up to me.

    Since I've yet to have a successful order I'm not inclined to send them more money considering this could just be a scam. No offense to those who have successfully ordered so far.

    And I'm on the West Coast as well... So far over 40 days.... no product and apparently no customer service either.
  11. Okay, guys... I complained about the Ak48 seeds not being viable, and the administrator who answered me was a nice guy and agreed to throw in another pack of AK48 for me for free with my next order. :] The only nirvana strain i'm thinking about ordering is jock horror, but I'm considering trying out mandala seeds and tiki seeds this time. Either way I will be getting a free pack of nirvana ak48, so it's all good. :)

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