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  1. This is a NFT system made with 5x5 Vinyl Fence posts. I didn't like the idea of the PVC Tube method
    because I wanted a lot of space for the roots. The stand is made of 3/4" PVC thick tubing. I baught a 8' peice of this fence and cut it into 2 4' sections with 3 3" net pot holes on each one. I then made a stand that would easily cradle each end of the fence post and are removable. The pump is a 396gph EcoPlus submersable pump. The pump goes to a peice of pipe that has 2 nipples(tee hee hee) that go into the top of the intake end of the fence post. At the other end (pic 4 & 5) there is a bulkhead that goes down to 2 nipples that I will attach a hose to that goes back into the sump. This system costs about $100 (mostly the fence post) and I think is great. Light, Effective, and great for 6 big plants. I plan on doing a SoG with this. If some of you are interested in building this (or something similar) I'd be more than happy to give you measurements and a parts list. Thanks for veiwing.

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  2. This is why I miss overgrow :(
  3. sick idea man, this setup would be perfect for my grow area. How many square feet does the whole thing take up?

    also can you pm me a parts list and a general guide to putting it together, i might want to get started on this this weekend.
  4. hey man... nice hydro system u built there...

    though i wouldnt call this NFT... NFT systems are built with a tray sitting on top of the res... the tray is at a very slight angle so the pump takes the water right up onto the tray...

    and it runs straight back down into the resevoir...

    that system doesnt look like any of the NFT systems i have seen... i actually have a small 4 plant NFT myself... u can see this here...


    this is the design that i have always known as NFT... isnt yours more of an ebb and flow design???
  5. Well blunted, I would say its an NFT system becuase there is a film of nutrients that run through the system and out the bottom(look on google, some people use long pieces of pvc pipe). The reason it doesnt have a tilt is becuase the bulkhead that i made sits about 2" above the bottom of my 5x5 trays. I did this becuase in case of a power outage, there is still 2" of water in the trays so the plants wont be harmed.

    Formula, I will get you a parts list tomarrow and draw up a diagram and post it.

    Here is a new addition I applied today. Where the intake spills into the trays i wanted to highten, or slow down the water coming in. So, I got 2 3/4' valves that allow me to adjust the flow.

    Thanks for the comments btw.

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  6. Pretty cool Nate! It doesnt look used, have you ran it for a grow yet? I have been designing something ilike that in my head for some time now. Im not convinced that the root chamber will be large enough.
  7. hmm.. it looks like an awesome home built system... but like i said its nothing like any other NFT system ive seen before...

    is the pump going to be on constantly so that there is always nutrient solution getting pumped right into the posts where the plants ar egoing to be growing in and right back down into the res???

  8. Yes, it is on constantly. Heres some pics for you fellas

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  9. Awesome system Nate.

    I will be following this grow. Your last grow looks awesome. Don't the plants all have to be the same strain when growing in a reservoir that feeds all the plants? I thought I read that somewhere and it was because each strain has different nutrient requirements and tolerances. I have not grown hydro but hope to some day. Anyway, you should patent that sucker and sell it on EBay. Make a killing LoL.

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