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My next bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rocko8, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, pretty new to the forum, but liking it so far.
    Been toking for years, and my bong is feeling it. I think it's time for an upgrade. The one I'm currently using is an acrylic, one bubble wagon with a metal stem, which cost about £15 new.
    It's a beauty, which me and the mates call "The Big Green Giant." :D I'll upload a photo when I get the chance.

    What should I get next? Are glass bongs any better (as the price would suggest)? Are pipes any good? Help me out guys.
    Your advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Glass bongs are better. Go for a glass on glass (gong) bong. Generally you pay for quality.

    Get a pipe if you want. Bongs will hit smoother and cooler but are less portable.

    Try your lhs (local headshop, I thought it was local high school at first) and see what they have. If one looks really nice, go for it. Let the bong choose you.

  3. "Let the bong choose you" - I love it
    Top 10 bits of advice I've ever received. Thanks dude.
  4. Youve been smoking for years...

    and you've only smoked from acrylic?

    You dont know that Glass is infinitly better?

    Im sensing shananagins.
  5. Yea whatever happens get glass. So much cleaner and smoother IMO.
  6. I'd get a straight glass tube.

  7. Yeah I've been smoking for years. I smoke joints, and me and my mates have a couple of acrylic bongs. You might be surprised to hear, but glass bongs are pretty rare in Ireland. Don't be so patronising man, I'm just asking some simple questions. I thought that's what this forum was about.
  8. hey may be from a country or state with strict laws or few blowers.

    ^^ lol see he beat me too it
  9. lol my bad bro.. Well then. Glass is much better. Ya..
  10. I'll look into purchasing a glass one for definite. What makes them so much better? Take it the water stays cooler and the smoke is smoother just?
  11. It's indescribable.
  12. It isn't better for the actual smoking.. but it looks better, and is easier to clean. Glass is always nice. Then again, glass breaks damn easy.. so all bongs are good in their own way

  13. Yeah I agree. That's what attracts me to acrylic. I don't want some baked fool dropping my bong and smashing the thing.
  14. ^This.
    To each their own. If you enjoy acrylic, get it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    I enjoy both acrylic and glass. I'd suggest you rather go to a headshop than go to an online shop. The bong will be pointed out to you by your eyes. It will choose you. Always go for the first thing you see.

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