my newest babys are doin shitty helppp

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tweeka4eva, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. ok i plante some babys klike 2 weeks back and only 2 out of like 16 have live and there only 4 inches tall and still at the first node what should i do to increses growth any help???ferts maybe but awful young?
  2. arrr this sucks

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  3. bean sprouts?
  5. Lokks a little to wet to me
  6. Do you have holes in the bottum of your bucket?
  7. give me some info..

    lighting, ferts (shouldnt be usin yet), space, watering, all that

    p.s...its not a good idea to haev more than one plant per pot, and you should start out in small cups not such a huge pot.
  8. read below my sig......Peace out....Sid
  9. Hard to chaneg now but to get more seeds to germinate or only the good ones that do... Place your seeds b/t 5-6 layers of moisten paper towels place them on a plate moisten a bit more, cover this with seran wrap so that they don't dry out creat a nice humid environment ( warmth ) this will encourage germination in the good seeds... Should take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks just check every once in a while for new germination and plant these into soil about 1 in deep moisten the soil .... Voila they should pop out in a few days and start life...
  10. looks to wet

  11. yea.... u better smoke some an chill out a lil man.....
  12. They look fine to me...but get them away from the side of the bucket and they'll each need their own pot..better sooner than later.

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