My new year party experience

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  1. Ight so i convince my mom to let me have a bottle of whip cream vodka and a bottle of wine... I go to my friends house whos havin the party walk in and am immediatly given a shot . I take around 7-8 shots of tequila and that vodka and am feelin pretty good. After that we uncork my wine bottle and walk around the house conversing with good friends and new ones, all while sippin my wine and passing it around.

    After about 20 mins of chilling with friends my freind j walks up to me with a king volcano bong. We pack that muther and smoke 2 bowls. We were about pack another , and then the host comes out and says that everyone needs to leave cuzhis parents are coming home. I am heartbroken that the new years party has to end, so what do i do? I invite everyone to come hold the party at my house. Everyone digs the idea so everyone getts ready to go to my house ( i live a mile away).I help him clean up a bit and then he takes all the alcohol left there (2 fths of vodka, a handle of whisky,a handle of tequila, and a few beers) and hands it to me in a big cooler. He tells me its all mine and im happy as fuck. I carry the cooler back to my car , throw it all in the trunk and drive home (i had a sober girl drive my car).

    So we get to my house and the drinking and smoking continue. We all watch on tv as the ball drops. It hits 1 and everyone cheers and i kiss my gf. The party foes fr another 2 hours and then every one leaves... Chillin night
  2. Also tell us how your new years went?
  3. That sounds bomb, my new years was okay at first, I was at a friends house and we drank etc, but ended up in 2 guys throwing up and us others were bored as fuck.

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