my new triple perc bong (3 ft tall)

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  1. I just got a brand new bong off a friend paid 150$ for it, it came with 2 pieces and a diffuser and it takes me 2 breathes to clear it.

    P.S: dont go and be like man i can take that in one hit. just stfu.

  2. That bong is sick man. Although theres a shit ton of drag, I bet its pretty damn smooth. Hope you enjoy it op. A milk vid could never hurt :hello:
  3. yea its smooth takes 2 breathes to even clear it, and yea i am going to do a video tommarrow
  4. Damn that's a nice bong man

    That would def take me two breaths for sure

    Enjoy that man

    Enjoy it
  5. haha i will, it cost me 150$ which i hav heard isnt too bad for a 3 fter
  6. Man, I can take that it one hit. ;)

  7. lol your lungs might pop XD
  8. Nice bong for 150, congrats :) but seriously I think I could do it in one, my newest bong is a double perc and I can do it with ease.

    Enjoy dude
  9. [quote name='"DailyDealer"']haha i will, it cost me 150$ which i hav heard isnt too bad for a 3 fter[/quote]

    That's good deal

    I paid 150
    For a single perc two footer with a three arm diffused stem
    And it was an off brand bong
    But it was no wear near as sick as yours



  10. Huge waste of $150.
  11. no it wasnt, weed isnt just smoking weed to get high for me, now its like a hobby, i wanna see if i can become a bigger hitter. so it wasnt a waste of money cause its my hobby.
  12. What, its the truth.

    Oh I forgot, we are only allowed to post compliments and pat eachothers backs.....
  13. i was gonna say, even tho its pretty cheap and looks really cool
    its awaste of money hahaha
    3 percs? a waste of money.
    i mean, its cool n all.but, a waste of 150.
    you could have gottensomethig WAY better. something you can clear in one hit.

    but, if you enjoy it? thats cool man. nice find anyway.
  14. why would i want something i can 1 hit? i want something i have to work to be able to 1 hit. but i guess i got the money to buy something like this so its not a waste.
  15. Clearly clueless about bongs and dont care to listen to people who know....

    Enjoy your drag monster.

  16. Sometime in life you will realize and accept that people like different things than you do.
  17. ^^^ good one hahaha

  18. someday youll learn to accept constructive criticism.
    at least we wernt coming in here dissin his bong like idiots. we are showing him the other side of the tracks bro. instead of just telling him its a nice buy, we told him the truth.
    get over it. or become a mod bro. then you can do what you want.
    but dont call people out when they do nothing wrong.
  19. :rolleyes: That would of been a WORSE purchase.

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