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Discussion in 'General' started by ganjaphish, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. I went down to my fav headshop in Berkeley today, looking for a metal grinder. BTW, I have had a wood grinder for about 3-4 months now, and it's sticking way too much! I tried to clean it, but wasn't sure what to use without ruining the wood so alas...

    Anyway, I hit up the shop and see the neatest little metal grinder... Not only are the blades super sharp, but beneath the grinder is a screen, and below that a little compartment to collect pollen.. So basically while you grind your stash, it rubs against this screen, and the crystals are being collected underneath. I rolled a joint last nite, checked the compartment and a fine layer of dust of crystals are below. It'll be a few weeks, but if used often enough I should have a nice lil pile to pour over some bud soon.

    I thought this was the neatest thing! I just want to grind up all our weed and roll 20 joints right now, impatient huh!

    Oh I also got a new simple piece with this lil salamander guy hangin on the end of it. When you're takin a hit it looks like he's lookin up at you.

    Anyway I just had to share. This grinder works so smoothly I was surprised! Its kinda pricey, but will be worth it, I think, in the end. Has anyone else seen one of these?
  2. I've never seen one, but I've only heard of them being used to grind coke.

    I'll have to check them out the next time I'm at the head shop.

    Sounds cool.
  3. Waaaaaaaaay Cool,Taking a Toke,...................passin it to ya! Rooooooll On!
  4. thats cool...the crystal idea is genius....

    I think I need to go get

    but but but

    how pricey??? lmao

    well great buys and tell the salamander I said

    peaCe and love
  5. my lil salamander is lookin up at me right now from on the desktop :) he says hi back and damn is he stoned! lol

    anyway they run for about $70 bux, but I got mine for $50 because i go to that headshop and i buy pieces way tooo often.
    speaking of which, does anyone else here have this obsession for "collecting" new pieces?

    sometimes the pieces are more fun than the weed! !!!
    nahhh but still i love all my pieces and yet i still want more!

    btw the grinder has a nice lil collection of crystals so far but eh it'll probably take awhile to get a decent heap :)
  6. Love my token toybox!!

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