my new studio and equipment.

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Retroshark, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. so i ordered this yesterday:





    the interface im buying:


    im finally gonna be able to run ableton live, reason and all that other great stuf. im so excited. oh and i would have gotten a larger midi interface but i already have an 88 key midi keyboard, a broken 44 key m-audio keystation and another keyboard, so this one is only for midi trigerring really.
  2. Hot....Yeah dude, I have an older G5 tower (non Intel) I love the hell out of it, looks like your new toys are gonna take a chunk out of the ol wallet though!:eek::D
  3. I'm a producer as well bro. If your doin Hip Hop, Rap, or RnB, the next M-Audio product your gonna wanna buy is the trigger finger. Shitz great.

    The only problem with that Oxy8 is the small amount of keys, even though you can scroll, its a pain. I personally just got one of those cheap Casio keyboards with MIDI output and bought an M-Audio UNO.

    However, with most home audio, software based shit, M-Audio is the way to go. Next you need to get some outboard shit tho bro. I got a rackbased AKAI CD-3000i, a rackbased Delta1010 interface, and a few rack based mastering hardware (just some AKAI equalizers and shit). I can pump out some nice shit though.
  4. ok, so today i had a really crazy find! i got the m-audio OZONE for 155 dollars. brand new. so i cancelled the order for the oxygen. i also got a korg padKONTROL midi controller (beat pad) and its fucking dope. it has 16 triggers, a rollspeed/flam interval and roll expression / flam volume field as well. ill have to get a photo of it, i already jammed with some friends using that as drums and it was so much fun. my mac arrives wednesday.
  5. heres my new stuff:



    the ozone is also a recording interface, its designed as a mobile midi workstation. every button and knob on its surface is assignable, it has 3 midi jacks, about 3 outputs, including a monitor output, a midi in, instrument in (to which i have my guitar plugged) adnd it all works seamlessly with osx.

    i cant wait for my garage band controller to arrive, and further more, my computer. i am setting up a seperate sett of studio monitors for when i start recording, because my surround sound system isnt good enough quality compared to the rich mids i get from my older stereo speakers.
  6. oh yea, and did i mention, for all you audiophiles out there, the ozone has phantom power. how handy.
  7. Lol nice, I had to stop producing for a while cuz my computer went down and I wasn't into it enough to get a new one immediately.

    Retro if your makin Rap, you should definately join the forums over at I'm pretty well known over there as P Whiskey. Its kinda immature, but I'm tryin to turn it around.
  8. im not that much into rap beats, i make a few. im more into ambient, jazz, rock, blues and some goa maybe.
  9. well i got 2gb of ram in the mail today. computer and control interface arrive tomorrow!
  10. well, when you get somethin tight pumped out, lemme know. Maybe I can sample it or something?
  11. so it all came today and holllly shit is all i can say. this mac is fast as shit.
  12. Ya, I had a Dual Cored G4 that I used to produce on. Only thing I had loaded on there was the OS, and all my producing programs. Had an extorier firewire hard drive for samples.

    Thing was faster than Ferrari.

    I'm kinda likin that KorgControl. It looks to be way better than a Trigger Finger.
  13. dude, its way way better. the m-audio doesnt compare to the korg at any level. its so nice to play on, the midi switches are super expressive, and the mini kaos type pad is awesome
  14. Didn't hear what programs you were going to be running, but if you can find it I really suggest Cubase or Nuendo. They are made by the same company, Nuendo is the better version as it has video and surround audio capabilities.

    I was running Cubase SX with Reason (ReWire is an awesome feature), pumping out some serious sounds.

    A few mastering bundles to look at would be from a company called Waves. I was running the Diamond bundle, probably the best out right now for home-based software.

    That Korg is really growing on me. It might be in the studio pretty soon. Unless I get me an MPC. I'm likin what AKAI did with the 50.
  15. i started working with cubase and sibelius years ago. im not a fan of either. im mainly using garageband logic express, ableton live and eventually reason.
  16. the akai stuff is really cool, and really expensive. i paid 120 for the korg unit.
  17. I like your computer.
  18. i have both cubase and nuendo, but i dont think they work on mac. i've never seen a version atleast...

    i've also got a nice little studio...but i have to dual boot my mac book pro into xp so i can use cubase and my windows version of ableton live. ableton is AMAZING for live performances if you've never used it..

    good luck with your music, im into ambient and jazz also, and also dabble in electronic and post rock stuff.
  19. nice man. wat software u runnin on? protools?

    i do most of my beatmaking on my machines (mpc 2000xl, sp-404) but i wana get a fantom soon. i do all my mixing in protools. dope fuckin mac pro comin in!! im jealous =P

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