my new stealth veg box

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  1. sup guys, this is my latest project. I started the box over the summer. My original plans were to lay it horizontally and build a micro grow setup complete with veg and flower chambers and a 42w cf in the flower chamber. I got the panels all fitted and lost interest since I already had my outdoor grow and I had other things to do. Now I finished it to start some seedlings for some people that im setting up a grow for. This setup has no carbon filters so after around 2 weeks when they start to smell, then im bringing the babies to there new home and owner. The grow box im making will be a 150w u-ScrOG with organic soil, then after a few grows im going to set it up for hydro with bubblers.

    I could flower in this box if I put some carbon filters and warm 26w cf lights but I have plans to make a U-ScrOG 100w HPS stealth filing cabinet setup in my room that would be more worth my time. I might however use this box as the mom and cloning box after I get a filter.


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  2. .

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  3. Ops almost forgot the specs...

    16" tall 11" wide and 12" deep, lights are 2x 19w daylight compact floros, 80mm computer fan suspended by silicone caulking, powered by a 9v 800ma adapter, Wood is 1/4 ply (scrap). The reflectors are made out of beer cans painted white, and the light mounts are made of ceramic sockets attached to some scrap steel bent with a small bolt holding them together. To block the light from coming out I have a piece of sheet metal painted white on one side and brown on the other. I put this piece up first, white side in, then close the box and no light comes out.

    The box sits on Nintendo games since the air inlet is in the bottom back left. I put the shelf jacked up about 3/4" using some scrap wood and the air inlets are in the right so it acts like a light trap.

    Im not sure if I needed the plastic separating the lights from the plants. But it will lower the temps and light loss is minimal and unimportant for veg.

    Te electrical is a mess, either the wires were too short or like with the adapter I dint want to cut off the wire because I didn't want to ruin it if I ever wanted to use it for another setup.

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  4. flash off but he box lights are on... look ma no leaks! :D

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  5. nice! thats lookin kinda like the clone box im workin on (i need to get them out of the box their in now, so i can start workin on it to sell:)

    excellent stealth:D
  6. That's pretty freakin stealth. Does it make a lot of noise?

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