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Discussion in 'General' started by Chode, Feb 5, 2004.

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    I love to skateboard, but I stay away from new school decks (kickflips, handrails, and all that bollocks). I love riding empty pools, old-school-80's punk rock style. I don't know how popular that is outside of So. Cal.

    Anywhos, it's a Scum pool deck, notice the crazy shape. In So. Cal, particularly Orange County, Scum is the best brand around.

    Here's the longboards I want to buy:


    Ah, the few things in live as enjoyable as bud...

    Anyone else skate?
  2. yeah man, i took this old 46" sector nine, cut out wheel wells and sanded the graphic off the bottom. with the wheel wells i can carve it so hard, its tons of fun. we dont have any pools around here, there are a couple good banks (as in a banked piece of aslphalt). have you seen dogtown and z boys? if so, you'll know what im talkin 'bout.

    i also have this old element deck with some tensor trucks and blank wheels. im not good at any new school stuff, but me and my friends love old school. we set shit up to boneless over or do like hand shove its. thats where its at.
  3. Yeh i skate, ive got a blueprint deck (uk company), venture trucks - but i need to buy some new wheels and bearings everythigns currently dismantled. Unfortunatly theres hardly any spots in my area, so i have to travel round london a bit.
  4. i like to board too...longboarding kicks ass. there aren't any skateable pools here...all we have is an indoor park full of emo faggots, bmxers and fruit booters. i snowboard more often tho cause it snows like hell up here where i live.
  5. i in wisconsin though so im waiting till the fuckin snow goes away...i skate enjoi decks
  6. Yea I skate, but only flatground since my ankle is the equivalent to dog shit. New School though, old school board weigh too much and are hard to control.
  7. yea i longboard every now and then when the weathers nicer. i like to go down by the beach and just cruise. gunna hafta do it high one of these days.
  8. Yeh I skate, I've got a Zero deck, venture trucks, pig wheels and diamond bearings...I also have 2 old skool boards that my dad used to skate back in the day, but I really dont use them that much....
  9. when i cant snowboard and the weathers alright, i get blazed and head down to the new skatepark.
    i love skating high, its fun and i get more creative with tricks and shit
  10. I used to skate so much. Was basically the only thing I did. But now intrests changed, so I'm not really into it. Still down with the scene though.

    Side note, only 800 posts away from 1000. :)
  11. Ah if i ever try and skate high, i just feel like im about to fall over, maybe im too high when i attempt it. I do love just going out for a whole day of skating though, cant wait for spring and summer.
  12. the last two boards really piss me off....i love longboards, but not ones like those...i can't stand watching these losers on retro boards thinking they're so cool because they can *stand* on a board...i hope u don't become one of them...
  13. sk8 or die man. im not really in to old skool but its really cool. i do some old skool tricks but on a new skool board. im sponsored by local shops around here. i skate a baker deck. they kick ass. its pretty snowy and shit out here so we just skate warehouses and indoor parks. ill skate in freezing weather as long as theres no snow. but yeah thats a nice board dude.
  14. I've been skating for awhile now, and i've always used short "new age" boards for flip tricks and whatnot. I can't skate vert at all, unless its a mini half pipe, then i can do some lip tricks. I stick to street though...

    My two most recent boards, ones an element, the others a shorty's. Got black mag tape, bone wheels, core trucks, and black panther bearings...

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  15. When I did skate newschool, I'd only skate on Element Twigs. You could do some techy shit on those.

  16. yeah i live in wisconsin like that one guy... i snowboard in winter tho... however if i skate high im really a lot better than normal.. i can like feel all the griptape and such... like the grains its crzy shit man. but yeah its all bout old school and fuckin like rodney mullen shit.. primos and anitcaspers and truckstands and the like... yeah man sk8ers r kew.

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