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    Recently bought at Venice over the weekend, my instinct tells me its american blown and legit, I cannot find a flaw anywhere and it hits amazing (yes, i've had past experience with zob, AMG, phire etc.)
  2. Nice man, how tall and how much?

    Sig looks legit and so does everything else. I can't say it's for sure legit but it's not an obvious fake like some of the ones i've seen! Enjoy that shit bro!
  3. i thought the slide is sussposed to go all the way to the bottom on RooRs but then again i have no experience
  4. wow you got the exact Roor setup I would get. Nice tube man.
  5. Thanks bro, I love it already :smoking:

    I went to a shop where I had bought an AMG that I loved as well and wanted something a bit different, asked the same guy if he would toss me a deal on a roor, he wasn't to thrilled because the roors they have in stock are traded for since it's a mostly AMG shop. Ended up tossing me this beast for 140. I couldn't say no.
  6. That's a decent deal, assuming thats 5mm. Can you get any milk shots up? and now all you need is an a/c, I recommend:

    Clear Inline Ash Catcher by SoulShineFamilyGlass on Etsy

  7. Yeah it's 5mm/16''

    My buddy is giving me his old 14mm roor a/c so i'm waiting on that but thats a sick looking inline for sure.

    I'll try to get a nice milk-shot up tonight ;)
  8. sick tube dude which shop did you go to? I'm heading to Venice for some new glass this weekend and any advice on shops would be greatly appreciated
  9. Art of Venice for sure, they have almost any brand (sheldon black, roor, amg, phire, pure, hvy etc.) the people are really chill and actually know about glass unlike other venice spots, and usually will hook it up for whatever price range your lookin for.
  10. cool thanks dude. I'm totally stoked this is my first new glass in like 8 months
  11. fack thats nice man! a nice colorfull blue slide would look bad-ass on her
  12. Amazing pickup for an amazing price, enjoy that piece of art my friend! :hello:
  13. Its already mad dirty :( lol

    Nice pickup for the price and it would look mad nice with a worked slider.
  14. Nice tube, really good deal on that 5mm. But such a Roor deserves cleanliness so clean that shit haha
  15. Waiting on my ashcatcher to arrive :(
  16. i cant wait to pick up a roor. hows it hit?
  17. rips.

    Anyone other opinions on the legitamacy of this tube?

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