My new RooR Crown Label Perc A/C on my RooRs

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by bostonbuds87, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Picked it up this weekend in providence for 150, lemme know whatcha think.

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  2. hows the drag on that bad boy? i have an inline, its pretty bad with 2 perc hahaha... dont really need it though.
  3. just got home about 30 mins ago bout to try it out now with some jack herer
  4. Whats the advantage to an add-on like that? n00b question excuse me
  5. makes ur hits smoother
  6. It will help keep your bong cleaner as well :)
  7. do people order roors online? im not near any headshops
  8. Some people may.. but from my experience most headshops carry ROOR's. Most ROORs you find in stores are much cheaper then new ones for sale on line. Depending on the shop and worker that is.
  9. there are sites that sell them online. everybodydoesit, etc.
  10. ordering expensive glass online is risky, even though im in the process of doing it now =p
  11. +Rep, that's an amazing bong.
  12. Gotta love the Roor crown label, ballin!
  13. hey did you get that at OPM because i was there like 3 days ago debating on buying one
  14. yeah i got it at OPM, i think i bought their last 18 mm one but he said there was still two 14 mm ones
  15. awesome dude, i need a 4 arm A/C sometime soon... what do you prefer the inline of the roor one?
  16. id say the roor one
  17. sweet brah nice stuff
  18. awesome ive been looking for one of these forever, how much did it run you if i may ask

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