my new rig

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    I got the rig for 35$ and here's my smoke.
  2. that shatter looks nummy and i like the piece man! a steal at 35$. i have a little cheapy that smokes so damn smooth myself! how does she work?
  3. Good deal!

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  4. Good buy for 35 bucks

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  5. Not bad at all for 35$
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    I love it because when I carb the dome it milks up with smoke, that is my favorite part. Water will get in your mouth if you suck too hard, Usually when finishing a hit I will hit it pretty hard to clear but on this you just lightly inhale and it clears in a seconds. No reclaim gets stuck in the perc either, so far it's all just got sucked out and floats on the top of the water. Had to wait almost 3 weeks for it to get here though. This shatter is very yummy, my tastiest pick up so far.
  7. I would post where I bought it but I don't think GC rules allow me to.

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