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  1. Just recived my mini recycler and I thought I would share my first hit with everyone. I am extreamely pleased with this little guy. It's everything I had been looking for an it only cost me 57$
  2. I would highly suggest a carb cap or something to carb it so you can stop taking those super hot dabs
  3. Do they have carb caps for nails this small? I've only ever seen carb caps that fit 18mm size nails. I have a carb cap for one of my 18mm nails but I don't like the nail very much. Also I'm not so great at using a carb cap. I would love to see a legit video breaking down proper carb cap use. I've seen a couple but they weren't what I was looking for. I would also like to know if anyone has had any experience with ceramic nails and how they compare to Ti.
  4. Not everyone likes low temp dabs...
  5. Check out the higly educated small carb caps.
    please tell me 1 reason why you would like a high temp dab over a low temp dab.
  6. I like how quick they shoot.

    There's 1 reason ;)
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    What do you mean? You like how quickly you destroy all terps, and waste half your hit? What do you mean by how quick they shoot? you have to inhale at a steady pace and do it at a proper temp to actually smoke your entire dab. Also What way does a low temp dab stop you from inhailing incorrectly exactly? You can still hit it like a dumbass and pull super hard with low temp
  8. But if you like hitting it wrong you like hitting it wrong. Maybe I should of said what advantage does a high temp dab have
  9. You don't have to get all but hurt because I have a different preference than you. I never said a low temp dab stops you from inhaling incorrectly, (whatever that even means) you did. But thanks for putting words in my mouth :p

    And with higher temp dabs I never get anything smoking after the hit, with low temp dabs that is more common. So if either one is going to "waste half your hit" it's going to be low temp dabs.
    Just to clarify with you what I mean by "how quick it shoots". I mean how fast you can vape the dab, higher temp dabs vape quick compared to lower temp dabs witch you have to pull longer on. I don't mean dropping dabs on a red hot nail.

    I'm sorry my preference offends you so much, it's a big world out there, not everyone likes low temp dabs.
  10. Oh and thanks for assuming because I have a slightly difference preference than you that I'm doing it wrong. Lol. Thanks for the tips bud.
  11. 1. High temp dabs destroy the terps, or the flavor and all you are left with is the burnt flavor.
    2. High temp dabs cause your oil to combust not vaporize.
    3. What does a liquid do from a hot surface? It runs causing you to build up way more reclaim (where you waste half your dab).

    when you do a low temp dab while carbing at the right temp all the oil will vaporize. The little bit smoking off is fats and waxs that require a higher temp to burn off. So if you already knew all that then im sorry enjoy your burnt flavor and waste of oil
  12. 1. I never said high temp had better flavor, I'm fully aware of the reduction in flavor as temps go up. And they don't taste burnt as I am not vaping at a high enough heat to combust. Again thanks for putting words in my mouth.
    2. I don't vape at a high enough temp to combust. But again thanks for assuming.
    3. If your dabs run right off the nail they are too big. You definitely can vape a dab at a higher temp without loosing anything, I promise you that.

    Why is it so hard for you to accept that some people like hotter dabs? It's not like I've never taken a low temp dab, I enjoy those too. I just prefer higher temp dabs, it's ok dude. I'm glad you love the low temps, knowing how blissfully satisfied you are with the temperature of your dabs really will help me sleep tonight. I thank you for that...
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    Oh and sorry for the thread derailment OP, that's a sweet little rig you've got there!
  14. Nice rig, I think you have to much water in it though.

    I also suggest a carb cap. What nail is that? Dualiti? Your carb cap should work.

    It's better if your oil slowly capes up at the lowest possible temperature.

    If you're taking a fat dab you want to start it a little hotter because your oil will cool it down some.

    Oil won't combust on your nail, that being said something doesn't need to combust to burn, not sure where that idea came from, if you zinge all you terps it's not gonna taste as good and at a lower temperatures the vapor diffuses a lot faster into the alveoli of your lungs rather that hotter vapors which have to cool. IME, low temps get you soooooo much more medicated.

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