My new pipe's name

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  1. I named my pipe Alice. She was named after Alice in Wonderland. A $45 piece. Very, very nice. Also, I say that I am "With Alice, in wonderland" because she gets me so stoned (wonderland). Plus, 'Won' from 'Wonderland' is pronounced the same as the number 'One.' Very fitting because after smoking only one phat bowl you will definitely be in wonderland. What do you guys think about the name Alice for a piece, and what did you name yours?

    p.s. sorry but i dont have pics of alice at the moment.
  2. Nice, a common name but it's all your own. I have a friend who has a beautiful hookah named Alice.
  3. It's a common name? I didn't know that, I've never heard of a piece called Alice before, but it makes sense.
  4. I would've called it "The rabbit hole" because you use it to get to wonderland
  5. I was gonna name mine old one Alice
    But decided on Lucifer instead

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