my new pipe pickup

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  1. was at one of those souvenir gas stations picked this up for $5

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  2. 5 dolla make ya holla
  3. be currrful, glass like that breaks easily, especially at the tip...hehehe
  4. Not bad for $5. Gas stations near me would sell that easily for $15.
  5. Got one like that but a little bigger for 10

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  6. [quote name='"smoking515"']Got one like that but a little bigger for 10[/quote]

    Does it hit hard ?
  7. [quote name='"YoooJess"']

    Does it hit hard ?[/quote]

    Yeah you can get big hits from it without it being to harsh.
  8. Looks pretty good for 5 dollars. Places around here sell those for 20.

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