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  1. Just finished mixing up my coco mix made about 20 gallons. I will flush the coco with tap till I have a EC near the starting point, the reason for tap is that my water is relatively low EC and is buffered well. After that will allow the coco to dry some and mix in the powder ingredients, if you do it wet harder to mix good. The Azomite will take care of your micro nutrient needs and has a very high percentage of silicon in it is my biggest reason for using it. After that use RO to make it damp and mix in ancient forest. From this point I can store or fill pots.

    After containers are filled, I add my base nutrients and mix them well into the soil. I like the Organicare Pure because it is mostly water insoluble nitrogen, which keeps it from rinsing out of coco, it also has a decent amount of calcium in it.

    Next I mix in my bennies first the granular root growth enhancer, aka a shit ton of fungi. After that mix 10 mL of Microbe Brew and Liquid Seaweed, that order you will see the mix start to foam right away, dilute down with a little RO then dump into mix. Next dilute the catalyst down and dump in and then the hygrozyme and then the thrive. The thrive also provides a boost for you bennies. After that I mix it up really good and let it sit a day or two to start working. Do not let the medium grow dry after this point.

    The base nutrients are applied every 2 weeks by turning them into the coco about 1-2" down. They will take care of everything for the most part but will augment with the nitrogen or bloom if the plants look like they need it. The weekly nutes are usually done in 2 sets seaweed and calmag with a watering and then the thrive, catalyst and Hygrozyme next watering.

    The goal of this was to create a mix that was made up of OMRI, I myself am perfectly happy with a modified GH schedule I use for DWC, but this is at the request of patients for organic medicine. Will be running this very soon and will be documented in my grow journal.


    • 4 Bricks CocoGro Coir

    • 1 Bag 2CF Miracle Mulch (piece coir)

    • 3/4 Bag Ancient Forest

    • 2 Cup Dolomite Lime

    • 3 Cup Azomite OMRI

    Inoculate (mix with above in container)

    1 oz Down to Earth Granular
    Liquids Dilute Each RO and wet Meduim

    • 10 ml Fox Farms Microbe Brew
    • 10 ml Maxicorp Liquid Seaweed OMRI
    • 5 ml Earth Juice Catalyst OMRI
    • 5 ml Hygrozyme OMRI
    • 5 mL Super Thrive


    Bi Weekly Base Nutrient

    1 oz per gallon of meduim

    • Veg - Organicare Pure Grow OMRI

    • Flower - Organicare Pure Bloom OMRI


    • 10 mL Maxicorp Liquid Seaweed OMRI
    • 5 mL General Organic CalMag+
    • 5 mL Hygrozyme OMRI
    • 5 mL Earth Juice Catalyst OMRI
    • 5 mL Super Thrive (stop in flower) OMRI

    As Needed

    • Organicare Nitrex 6 0 0 OMRI
    • Earth Juice Bloom 0 3 1 OMRI


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  2. My grow started using this mix.

    So far Organicare Pure is working great as a base food. I was checking out the prices on a 50lbs bag and it is pretty cheap about $40-50. Using it as recommended I will be able to feed 8 3 gallon pots for 66weeks. Far cheaper then using my normal GH base, but only time will tell if it will finish good.
  3. INstead of paying ridiculous pricing for Hygrozyme you could have bought a bottle of EM-1 for a fraction of that and make AEM to double to the product as well as being able to make a whole slew of goodies such as Fermented PLant Extract and Bokashi Bran. Not to mention a whole bunch of other uses! I would strongly suggest looking into Mother Culture and BIM's. If you need a link to get you started on here is a good one
  4. Yeah I am not to fond of the price but I got it 30% off locally and I only ocassionly use it. Have looked briefy at other options. I have some nitrogen fixing bacteria I may switch over too. Will inoculate some peas with it and in turn use their root mass for my pots. Waiting to do a controled test down the road and have the university test the roots too see if it takes. It should accomplish the same thing as the zyme, and at a fraction of the price as long as it takes.
  5. I had to make some more mix today and decreased the coir to mulch ratio and will see how it goes. Made about 35 gallons on a tarp which should last me awhile. Considering doing a recycle program where I take the mix sift it then let bacteria clear out whats left of organic matter. From there will run some peas through it to the point where they flower and cut them down mix it in to get a good charge on mix. Again another bacteria cycle and then back into use. I could maintain what I use with about 200 gallons of mix doing this and would be able to maintain a very high microbe content.

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