My New Marijuana Strain

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Sphyzex-9, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. :smoke: Im here with great news.

    After a long year of fucking around with weed, and hemp Im done my new strain (which I will not sell just yet) of pot... Marijuana mixed with guarana, yes guarana, and for those of you who dont know what that is, well lets say thats the main ingrediant in energy drinks.

    SO I finished doing this THEN I took a nice hit of my creation, and it felt the same, until, about 10 mins ( i think ) i was SUPER hyper, and it was nuts, cuz I am a somewhat burnout, and I get pretty sleepy when Im baked, but this new strain gives you the most AMAZING buzz ever, Its not even explanitory.

    I was really tripping out, my friends were so fucked up as well, I got some nice $ off them though, now I will not be selling this right away but anyone can give it a shot, but I warn you, sometimes they just dont mix, try different amounts of the seed, and what have you

    I felt as if I should tell you...


  2. did u graft it because if u just crossbreed the seeds i dont think that is possible
  3. Yeah im confused..
  4. u did not cross cannabis with anouther plant if thats what you think. you probly just have a good sativa.
  5. hahaha thats the funniest shit i've heard, crossing with energy plant! let me see pics...of plant and bud
  6. yeah no way i would have to see some evidence to suggest that weed can be grown with guarana, plus when you go public with your weed you will need to write a report on your findings, so you might as well tell us if this is bullshit
  7. hah thats sounds really awesome!
  8. Lol, is this a joke or somethin'?
  9. I believe this is bullshit you gotta have real mofo science instruments thats way outta a growers budget to crossbreed anything
  10. not really, but it would take an incredible effort like a botnaist would have to work on it and it would take years
  11. just the fact he's not replying back with no pics of bud or plant tells me its BULLSHIT
  12. post some pics
    It's a mix betweenmy most potent Cannabis Sativa plant and a Folgers(tm) Coffee bean, then I pollinated it with crack rocks.

    If you smoke it you shit your pants instantly, then 10 minutes later you shit your pants again and go into cardiac arrest. Don't underestimate it this is some fire ass bud.

    ITS NOT FOR SALE YET, but I'll photoshop some images for you all to see.
  14. ya thats stupid man thats like fucking a dog and getting a baby from it.
  15. id give him a chance its only yestersday he posted or 2 days ago..its not something that cant happen and i donno why hed ly bout it..i wanna know about this shit he got hook me up dude
  16. Ok I thnik the people who dont believe me think I combined the weed directly with the gurana, which I didn't you gotta splic it, I tried doing this with some fruits, they were horrible to the taste but they were real and they had the properties of each plant (tomato and a strawberry) so it was basiclly the same thing, and no I am not a Chemist but I studied a year or two at the Cannabis Colledge (more like worked there) so yes I have somewhat a knowlegde on Cannabis,

    I'll be back with pics.
  17. uh, im trying to decide whether he's serious or not. i think he is probably full of shit because i don't see how two different species of plants could cross giving it the properties of both so im pretty confident he is lying. :D
    edit-hes full of shit. in one of his other posts he said he was 18 (18 and some botanist?) and his other posts were asking people if they we're ever caught when they were kids. check it out for yourself but im callin him out forsure

    edit again- ill apologize if you got proof.
  18. Yes Im 18 and I said I worked there, not went there. I was an aid and picked up a lot of fact about growing. Plus my older brothers an expert.

    Now back to my strain I did fuck up several times, first time i did that, it was after i was drinkin a RedBull, and I was high, and I was talking to my friend about life, and we got emotional it was really funny, SO I took my redbull, and then took alot of hits, and I was like YO, wouldn't this feeling be sweet if you didn't havta pay for the redbull, so from that stupid idea i started screwing around, I injected some raw gurana into the seeds direct and well you can think of the result, and that was the one of one thousand methods I tried, I gave up twice, but then I got more weed from the crop, and back to work

    SO, if you wanna try a simple way of trying this, buy like 2 to 4 redbulls, drink em down, and well smoke up, and you might get this really awsome buzz, now when I got really into this project, I was thinking this would be PERFECT for the working man, you get the energy you need, and aswell as the wicked high, so that was the intention mid-way.

    ---All my pics are on my old computer. I'll post them as soon as I get the chance.
  19. This reminds me of one episode of The Simpsons when Homer combines plutonium with tomatoes and makes tomacco (addictive tomatoes).

    Thats awesome that all the pictures are on his old computer. I surely hope one of his friends don't accidently delete the pictures on the old computer before he can retrieve them. And it would really be a downer if his digital camera got stolen so he couldnt take any more pictures!!

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