my new life: Colorado Chronic.

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  1. befor i get started, this isnt just one story, and its not my life story, its just a bunch of storys compiled into one post.

    (I appologize now for the bad spelling... im pretty fuckin high!)

    now let me get started by saying i am not new to grass city, about 2 or three years ago i used to post on this website all the time about my adventures back in wisconsin. we used to drink alot of moonshine, and smoke alot of bud! well as you can get, i moved to colorado now, for reasons unspecified, and to do thinks that dont pertain to this post!

    when i first moved to the town i live in i had never seen an actual hitch hiker. now i see them every day outside of my work. my girlfreind lives in aspen, so one day i was driving to go see her when i was passing a few guys about my age stickin their thumbs out for a ride. i had a while to go yet, so i pulled over and let them in. immediatly they commented on the smell of bud in my car, and busted out. they had award winning buds from all the dispenseries around town. we rode for about a half hour smoking AK cherry lime the whole way. when i let them out, i finaly asked them their names, i shook their hands, and went on my way. this wasnt even the story...

    a while ago i met a whole group of people that are down with the smoke, and one day while we were doin what stoners do, i told them that last story. they percided to tell me of every time they every picked up a hitch hiker in colorado. every single time they got smoked up, or just given free weed. it turns out, thats just a colorado thing. ever since, when i have nothing else to do, i drive to the next town over and pick up whatever hitch hiker looks like a stoner! 9 out of 10 times i find one, and every time they hop in my car they smoke me up!

    about a month ago my freinds told me about a cheeba chew. their basicaly a tootsie roll with 4 "doses" of THC. my freinds told me they were amazing, but they did not warn me that 2 doses is plenty! a fair warning with theese things, eat half, wait a half hour, see how you feel. do not eat the whole thing an hour and a half befor work! i was so fucked up, and im pretty sure everyone knew!
    well shit. im really high, and i keep losing my train of thought. thats all for now. ill wright some more when i get high and have nothing to do.
  2. Sounds sweet man, I am seriously thinking about moving to CO. Too many narrow minded people where I am now, and CO has amazing scenery and wildlife.
  3. I miss CO a lot and plan on moving back after college. Honestly its the chillest state, almost everyone smokes or have and just dont care. And the prices are amazing at dispensaries like $8 grams outta the mix jar. Have fun and take it easy.
  4. Dude, I live in CO too and its the best place I could ever ask to live. I was born about a mile from where im livin now. Been here my whole life and I wouldnt ask to go anywhere else.

    Beautiful Scenery, gorgeous women, and Sexy Bud
  5. shit for real! every single person i have met in colorado is down with the bud! my freind got busted by a cop, and the cop just took his shit! didnt even give him a ticket! this is the best state i have ever lived in! my favorite weed around here is the island sweet skunk! its amazing! anyway, smoke on brothers!
  6. Which areas do you guys find more pot friendly? What small to medium towns would you guys recommend? We are thinking about visiting the Colorado Springs area after winter, but would love any tips on other places to visit.
  7. Tldr sounded good from what I read I'll come back and finish it when I'm not in a lazy high, only posted to sub. Boogie woogie woogie.
  8. I now want to move to Colorado.
    We only have Indian Hitchhikers In canada.
  9. denver suburbs are always good, boulder, thornton, cherry creek if you are fucking loaded. (there is a neighborhood in cherry creek that comprises the who's who of denver-- carmelo anthony before he moved, john elway, etc.)

    but, if your looking for something farther from the capital, go to Fort Collins hands down.

    It's so beautiful. They have a place called old town, and its just the best. the whole town goes out there, they have people that play music, bars, great little boutiques and shops... If you read up on fort collins, you'll see what im talking about. it consistently ranks very high on "best place to live" polls.
  10. Colorado Springs is probably THE most Pot friendly. I have yet to get busted even though i have been pulled over and caught at least 5 or 6 times. At most they'll make you walk home, I had to once but i didnt get a ticket so i wouldve crawled home for him. However, I would try my Damndest to go to MANITOU SPRINGS! Its right outside of Colorado Springs in the foothills of Pikes Peak. Witchcraft Capital of the States and Everyone is smoking on the streets. Noone cares at all. Not to Mention they have everything to do there.
  11. dude, you want the best colorado bud? the springs, and aspen has the best! i find the indicas around here fuck you up worse than anything! the sativa is an alright mild high, some perticular strands my freinds and i like from dispensaries around here are skywalker kush, the chem dawn #3, and you really cant go wrong with anything named blueberry. the blueberry is usualy mid shelf, but its the best midshelf available so you get it cheap! if your gunna be in colorado springs thry have alot of head shops with award winning salvia if you into that stuff. one hit and i was trippin balls! i couldnt even pull myself off the bed. anyway, keep in touch!

  12. I love Island sweet skunk, its so popular around here :D Colorado is the perfect state, lived here my whole life :hello:

  13. Manitou is the shit. People get off work and just light up right out front :smoking:

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