My New Krave Bubbler For Concentrates

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       So today i went to my local and most preferred head shop and spoke to the workers there and looked at what they had available. They had very few pieces left for concentrates due to the recent 4/20 holiday. But I saw this bubbler and fell in love. It really is so smooth as well. I hope to get a TI nail in the near future. Happy blazing  :smoking:
    $170 USD

  2. Right on man.
    I like the sidecar mouthpiece
    Thanks! I'm happy with the purchase. The mouth piece and water filtration are my favorite features of this piece. 
  4. Looks a lot like a hitman haha. Nice price though, get a vid if you can.
  5. nice price for your gear, get a highly educated nail and cap
  6. My first thought too
  7. Im more into heady glass, scientific doesnt do much for me.

    But hey man, if youre happy, thats all that matters
  8. I'm curious, for 170bucks, what would you get?
    I didn't know you could get much head for 170..
  9. Looks dope. I hope to get a rig soon.. I'm just trying to save money. I found  arig on iOffer for 45 :eek:
  10. I didnt even look at the price dude :laughing:

    Heady glass is def more expensive, I was just saying scientific doesnt wow me all that much, short of crazy stuff like the Illadelph Quadcoil (which is 20k :eek: )

    I could probably find a locally blown foot, foot and and a half heady bong for the general area of 170 though
    oh okay, makes more sense now.
    i can feel you tho
    for me its been function>art
    but over time im appreciating it more and more.
    that quadcoil looks like a damn rocket ship..
    but at some point i think there may be a diminishing return on function for price,
    and at 20k, i think that piece has long passed it.

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