My new inline..

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  1. Whatcha think.. local blower. Got it for $100
  2. You forgot the pics/vids
  3. I was trying, kept crashing lol.... here it is

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  4. Sorry not the best photos, just bought it and snapped those in the shop

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  5. You did well for $100.
  6. I think so. Its certainly not perfect tho

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  7. Well the glass looks thick, and it appears the artist wasn't trying for the most perfect lines and welds. I'd like to see this one slightly resined up. And as long as you're happy perfect doesn't mean anything.
  8. There's a weld or two that i don't love and the inline holes aren't consistent... bugs me a little but thought it was worth $100? I think it'll look nice resined up... looked nice with the black cloth behind it.
  9. Glass blowers... how hard would it be to modify this to a glass on glass slide, bowl? Probably not worth it but I see pieces every now and again where I think, if only had glass on glass...

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