My new Illadelph bong!

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  1. Just picked up this new Rasta colored Illadelph bong on Wednesday(2-18-09) It is simply the best piece of glass I have ever used. The smoke is so smooth and the suction is perfect. I really love this bong and I have owned other high priced glass pieces but Illadelph just blows my mind. I will be buying much more from them like an ash catcher, rods(currently borrowing one), perks base and a jar to match. Illadelph really does an immaculate job and produces very high quality glass. Thank you Illadelph!!

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  2. That is a fuckin sick bong, how much was it? +Rep for pics
  3. bad aaaaaaaass. Where can I get one, oh and one more for how much?
  4. Well I paid $575 before tax and it was $628.14 after it. If you visit you can locate your locate retailers of their glass. I am telling you what putting that top piece in the freezer for a little bit gives you a great hit.
  5. word! those coil condensers are bad fucking ass, but i'm wondering, are they worth the price?

    oh and sweet choice on tha rasta stylee :hello:
  6. I was so curious on the same thing. Is it worth the price? I could not take it any longer so I splurged and picked it up. So far I feel it was well worth it. I cant find anything to be dis satisfied with. The first time I smoked it I felt like I was a complete newbie smoker again.*Goes to stash my coil in the freezer*:smoke:
  7. dude you bought my fantasy bong.... I'm in the process of saving up for one of those monsters. i hate you right now
    but nice glass.
  8. i dont trust illadelph beaker bottoms, but it's a good thing that one is replaceable. Nice tube dude. Much less than i expected, i thought the coils go for 700+
  9. ya i think im gonna donate my left nut for one of those coils man..
  10. nice! i really want a coil condenser but ive only seen one with a perc and i think it would b so tight to have both a perc and a coil. sick bong tho dude! im mad jealous
  11. Nice coil Illy. Wish you luck with that thing.
  12. Nice piece! I'm actually in the process of saving up for one of those right now. I'm just curious though, how did you pick it up for so cheap? My closest illadelph retailer (Primal Expressions in Bethlehem, PA) would probably mark that at $750, plus tax, and then 10% off. And that is still way more than you paid. Did you have to haggle with them a bit or was it just marked at a low price?
  13. wow. such a beautiful binger. def money well spent.
  14. Actually no haggling involved. The place I bought mine from is suppose to be the cheapest in the country for them(or they say but it seems like it on here). They actually had one with less detail then mine for $525. Pretty sweet when I bought it they told me they would start giving me deals illadelph stuff to accessorize it. So I will defiantly will be adding everything I wanted above.
  15. Great pick up my good sir.:smoke:

    Your coil has been in your freezer for a long time. You going to get that anytime soon?:ey:
  16. Sick pick up, I love that coil you put in the freezer. One of these days I have to get one like that, but for now I just have to stick with what I got. lol +rep man
  17. For the amount of money you spent on that you better baby the shit out of it.

    Welcome to the Illadelph family :)
  18. OH MY GOD! Oh what i would do to get one of those coil illys. You sire, are my hero.
  19. You see I got stoned and fell asleep...

    Thanks for the rep dude. Save for that coil I just cant imagine using other pipes now

    Haha yeah being a glass lover I baby all of my glass. Glass is truly art:hello::smoke:

    I wish you could come blaze this with me and try it now. :smoke:

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