my new Illadelph ashcatcher

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  1. I just picked this up from my local shop in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. It matches my beaker and looks amazing. my crappy pics don't do it justice at all.

  2. good work man, those illys look so clean, and the ashcatchers make them look even better. I hope to own one in the future.
  3. what shop in rancho?

    i see your from fontana too.
  4. it's called Route 66 Smoke Shop in Rancho at the intersection of Haven ave and Foothill. Yea im living in Fontana now, but I'm from Huntington Beach really

  5. good choice :hello: nice pickup!! :smoking:
  6. haven and foothill

    for sure ive been looking for a shop that has good glass around here
  7. Yea they have some great looking illadelphs and they have a lot of really sick heady and worked pcs. my last visit I picked up the beaker illadelph in the pic. then this week I had a little extra cash from working on this lady's PC, so I went and got me the ashcatcher. I feel SATISFIED!

    Check out that store for sure they have a lot of really cool stuff, and you can talk down the prices. only thing is its a pretty small store but its really decked out.

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