My new free bong...

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  1. Well it was new a few weeks ago when I got it...someone left it at my house, along wit a hookah and a gerome baker...they beat =)

    but yeah this is what ive been smokin out of the past couple weeks...

  2. Damm! How does someone just 'Leave' that at someones

    Super nice anyways!
  3. Did you have a party that got busted? Lol.
  4. i'd give it back im sure the person who owns it wants/needs it alot more than you do you can still be an ethical stoner
  5. hell nah the person is beat lol...theres a lot more to the story. the dude left it wit someone and that someone was about to get snitched out so they brought all the pieces to my crib...then the guy who left them decided to bitch the person out who brought the bongs to my yeah. then come to find out the dude stole the money from his mom to buy the bong so hey. and an ethical stoner? thats funny.
  6. i apoligize for making assumptions without knowing the whole story. i have a tendency to do go pack that bong and get launched into space
  7. ey can i have some shiska berries for my shiskabob?
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    Niceeee bong, very lucky :) I'm thinking of getting one myself, tired of pipes.
  9. haha very nice snag

  10. i don't know what that means but it sounds disgusting (arrested development ftw)
  11. hahah

  12. All I saw was free bong and a picture of a bad ass bong. Lucky.
  13. no shit. you lucked out. lemme get that. ill pay shipping. haha
  14. That's so sick bro, make sure to take some massive rips from that baby!
  15. milk shot plz! that bong is insane i wanna see some up close pics or something wats the brand?
  16. fuck that thing looks beastly. Shit. so nice for a free bong haha. Lets see some milkshots.
  17. i have NO idea what the brand says QG on the top in lil letters but that's all i know. but yeah im about to toke up so ima have to take some pics =)
  18. i love having my own place, when people leave shit its mine for at least the time being

    my grinder got taken back last week
  19. A free bong is a great bong. Enjoy ripping it bro.
  20. Congrats on that lol, pretty jealous.

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