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My new dealer is kind of sketchy.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Foo20, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. My friend hooked me up with his guy a couple of times now. He gets good weed for great prices. But the thing is he's always 10-15 minutes later than he says, always has other people in the car when Im buying, and doesnt talk much. The first time I bought from him it was really sketchy so last night I said to myself Id try to be cool and make it less sketchy, for the both of us. But instead I get in the van and hes got another person with him as usual. And he bagged my quarter individualy in gram bags, WTF? But anyways I take my time waying each bag and he seems to get pissed. I give him the money, fumble around to pick up all my bags and me and my friend are on our way. He charges $25 for beasters and $40 for some no name A. Am I over reacting or does he seem sketchy?

    TLDR: My new dealer has great prices but seems sketchy, what should I do?

    P.S. I thought about offering to match up on a bowl next time I buy from him, sound like a good idea?
  2. sounds like any other dealer
  3. well i think hes sketchy on the fact that he is always with someone when you pick up from him, meaning he could be waiting for you to pick up a big sack and then thats the time he will steal from you.

    but, everything else seems pretty normal.
  4. remember for them its a job he don't sound like a people person some dealers make connections with there clients some don't he probz jus is'nt a people person :)
  5. Why would he want to bag each gram separately?
  6. so you can bring a pal but it's weird if he does too? maybe he's worried that you will rip him off. maybe it's just his friend.

    he has good weed.. good prices.. doesn't talk a lot.. doesn't give a fuck if you hang around or not. sounds solid to me
  7. All deals are "sketchy" regardless..
    Especially if you make it awkward.

    But in your case, it sounds more awkward than sketch.

    Just put on some Chronic by Dre and kick it.
  8. he is probably just busy and wants to get his business done. Also he has a friend with him for back up in case someone tries to rob him. Sounds like a legit dealer that doesnt have time to screw around.

    For next time just try and get the transaction don as fast as possible and try to weigh up every gram individually, if a couple scale up to 1.0 then im sure the others will also. Also just ask him to put it all in one bag
  9. Well the friend Im with is the one who introduced me in the first place. And I see what everyone else is saying, but I just feel kind of rushed. I just want to check it out, scale it, and smell it. Is it too much to ask he doesnt rush me as I do this?
  10. Smoke him up and be friends. You don't need to just be some guy that buys weed off some dude you met through your friend. Be pals. ...And get hooked up.
  11. I think whats more sketchy is that hes selling out of a van. Thats the opposite of keeping it low key.
  12. My new sketchers are kind of dealy
  13. If each individual gram bag weighed out then I'd keep fuxing with him.
    Just cuz he ain't tryna become your best friend doesn't mean you can't do business.
    And he proly had em all in separate gram bags cuz that's how he planned to sell em was individually to maximize profit :smoke:
  14. lol...the man is selling small amounts off weed from his and ur sitting there scale it...

    dealers want money and you to be gone... not have you sitting there taking ur sweet jesus time scaling it out

    lol i can understand not wanting to get ripped off but all you have to do is eye it...and if its good take it then at home scale it...if its pinched to much then just don't buy from him
  15. did anybody else read the prices? 25 for beasters and 40 for no name? where are you from fo20
  16. you will get used to him. And maybe he bags like that cause a few reasons:

    if you want to pace yourself?

    if u wanna re sell?

    he might not know you have a scale?
  17. This. As long as you see you aren't buying schwag and weight looks somewhat good then just scale it when you take it home or atleast offer him a bowl while u scale that shit so shit isnt awkward.

  18. for an 8th right?

    god forbid he means grams :eek:
  19. i thought he meant grams, if its for a 8th its a good connect lol
  20. Well he said he got a he may mean those prices for a quarter..if so...keep that connect yo.

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