My New Custom Oil Rig

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  1. Hey blades, thought i'd show off a few pics of my new oil bub that I got custom blown right in front of me  :hello: .
    The bub
    Here's a closeup of the worked perc
    Aerial view 
    And of course a closeup of the CO2 Oil i've been smokin :smoke:

  2. Looks like a nice piece op. :D

  3. how much that run ya?
    diggin it
  4. I paid $180 for it. Not bad considering I got to watch the whole thing being made from scratch.
  5. Most def, what kind of diffuser does it have?

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  6. It's a three hole diffuser. Originally I had asked him if he was able to do a showerhead but he told me he didn't have the right tools on him at the time (this was done at his tent at a music festival). The three hole is fine though it does its job well  :smoking:
    3 hole :metal:. Shit taste amazing I bet.
  8. Whys 3hole favoree

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    2-3-4 something in there will give you better flavor from oils than say a showerhead or stemline. They are more diffused of course, but sacrifice flavor for it. 

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