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My New CCG From The City

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chewmauro, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Just got it. Wish I had a digital camera. It is a fair bit different than I pictured it, but it is actually better.
    Here is what I ordered:

    What I got is all kinda purple with flecks of gold and kinda green. In the sunlight it sparkels and shine like no pipe I have ever seen. Up close there are crazy lines. It is like those cool things they sell where sand falls through water and makes patterns. Huge chamber and bowl. Real thick with a perfect mouth.

    My only issues is that it does not have a double maria on the stem like I had hoped. Oh well.

    PS: Breaking it in on some Blueberry and it hits like a fucking avalanche. God damn. Seriously, whoa.
  2. Err...your link ain't workin.

    "404 :: File not found

    The file you requested does not exist on our server. "

    Anyways, it's tight you got a new piece and broke it in with BB.
    Blaze on! :smoke:
  3. I've used hammers before. They hit you like no other pipe can. Coughing, and an extreme high is on the forecast for this evening. :D

    I like anything CCG; Nice buy. Take care of it, and it'll serve you well. Keep us posted when it starts to turn whack colors :).

    Edit- Also seems that anything from the city comes out better than the pictures! My bubbler did!
  4. Nice piece.
  5. Nice piece. Yeah, hammers rule.
  6. nice piece i just bought a bubbler yesterday since it was just my birthday on friday. it hits real good.
  7. wtf is a double maria
  8. ^^
    Look at the stem on the picture in the link. See the two bubbles in the center? Thats what he's talking about i think..

    I like the design of it, but the colors are kinda gross.. I dont think i'd like smoking out of something the color of vomit.. but you said it came in a diferent color, so thats cool.. you should get a camera...
  9. Yeah that is what a double maria is.
    The color is different, ALOT.

    I just got back from a week skiing with some dudes in VT. We all hit my new hammer and everyone who has seen it (even non-smokers) think it is totally beautiful. The colors change when you move it in the light. And damn does it hit. It impressed many a person.
    Props to the City.

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