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Discussion in 'General' started by xXMelkorXx, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Well, having recently been inked up, I got the ink feverr, and wanted another one. But, I decided to do something a little less common. I went to shop after shop looking for someone who could do them..I got the archaric form of cantonese saying "Death by Rebellion." Chceck it out..its a lil blurry bc its a phone pic

  2. That just links me back to this thread, for whatever reason.

  3. yah same here,sounds reallly cool though,im thinking about getting a tat soon everyone in my family has atleast one.

    EDIT: oh now i can see it but its really blurry.
  4. there..but its still blurry..damn..ill try and get a better one with an actual camera
  5. Lol, just looks like you got poison ivy or something.
  6. haha, real funny..but seriously my phone camera sucks balls.
  7. I meant no disrespect, its just such a crappy pic thats really what it looks like
  8. true, i see no tat der all i can see is a few lumps like stingin nettle stings ive got a few tats myself and thy look nothing at all like that :confused:
  9. Oh I know man..I was trying to convey that in a joking manner..but sometimes its hard to do that via internet
  10. Its not a tat..its a brand
  11. much agreed, time for someone to buy a digital camera!
  12. Ummm....ouch?

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